Asada Releases P51 Digital Manifold Mustang with IoT

Asada has released the ‘P51 digital manifold mustang.’ With data on 128 types of refrigerant pressures and saturation temperatures being registered in this device, it is a next-generation ...


Azbil Expands Lineup of High- Function Valves for ACs

At the end of October, Azbil began selling a large -bore (100 mm) model newly added to the company’s lineup of Actival+, motor-driven 2-way valves with a flow rate measuring/ controlling functio...


Schneider Electric Opens Demo Room for Large Capacity 3-phas

On October 9, Schneider Electric opened a demo room for the 3-phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS) ‘Galaxy VX’ in Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture. Along with the increasing populariz...


Fujitsu General Releases New AIRSTAGE Models

Fujitsu General has added the new industry’s smallest size outdoor unit J-III L (18 hp), to AIRSTAGE multi air conditioners for shops and offices that are compact and offer a high degree of free...


Sanden Releases Lumilinnaβ Supercooling Machine

In November 2018, Sanden Retail Systems started releasing the ‘Lumilinnaβ’ supercooling machine that allows users to enjoy a soft and delicate icy sensation in the mouth. The most ...


Sinko Releases New Heat Pump Air Conditioner Models

On November 13, Sinko released new heat pump air conditioner models that were jointly developed with Daikin.   With a lineup including models that are larger than conventional ones in terms of ...


Panasonic Participates in Export Demonstration Project

Panasonic, through academic-industrial collaboration, has launched an export demonstration project for homemade perishables by employing innovative technologies for retaining freshness, with a view to expanding the quantity of perishables produced in Japan.   In recent years, responding to the Japanese cuisine boom over-seas, Japanese ingredients are attracting hot attention. Since the Japa...


Daikin and Hitachi Enter Second Phase of Collaborative Creat

Daikin and Hitachi have started a joint demonstration to digitalize quality control know-how in the chemical manufacturing reaction processes, especially in fluorochemicals, at Daikin Yodogawa Plant i...


Celebrate the Shipment of Shirokuma-kun RAC Models Incorpora

On October 26, Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning held a ceremony on the premises of its Tochigi Factory to celebrate the shipment of its new Stainless Clean Shirokuma-kun Premium X series room...