ASERCOM on the road to success at the China Refrigeration Ex

First joint symposium by the Chinese Association CAR and ASERCOM.   Brussels, 18 July 2019 – From 9th to 11th April, the thirtieth China Refrigeration Expo took place, as this year’...


2019 Chigo HVAC Mid-Year Meeting Ended Successfully

2019-07-17 From July 11th to 13th, Chigo HVAC Equipment Co., Ltd. held the meeting about summary of the first half of 2019 & planing in the Second Half with the theme of “Fully Tap the ...


Sanhua Holding Group wins top HRM

July 15, 2019 Sanhua Holding Group won top HRM (human resource management) awarded by 51job, a Chinese human resource service provider listed in the United States (NASDAQ:JOBS). 51job released a list...


New Beijing Airport is the biggest to have VTS air curtains

11 July 2019 Located less than 50 kilometres south from the capital of China, Beijing Daxing Airport will become one of the world’s biggest airports along with being among the most progressive ...


Five Things to Keep in Mind When Designing Human-Centric Lig

By Craig Casey Jul 2019 For some people, human-centric lighting is narrowly defined as circadian lighting—lighting that changes color during the day with our circadian cycles. Others believe i...


Midea: Weekly News Review

2019-07-10 United Nations Executive Agencies Honor Midea R290 Air Conditioner Technology Driving the Implementation of Kigali Amendment   From 1st July to 5th July 2019, the 41st Meeting of th...


2019 China Water Heater Industry Summit Held in Beijing

On April 25, 2019 the China Water Heater Industry Summit was held in Beijing. It focused on discussing how enterprises could explore the existing market and dig out more growth opportunities under a macro environment of stringent real estate industry controls when the traditional first- and second-tier markets have peaked. Macro controls on the real estate market in 2018 have impacted the water he...


Midea Deepens Communication to Build Products and Brand Valu

On April 30, Midea International Business (MIB) brand management and product management jointly held a practical marketing training session at Midea’s headquarters. This training session has been a traditional MIB program since 2016. Unlike previous marketing training, which was mainly for business marketing, this time MIB invited the Product Divison product planning and marketing departm...


Chigo HVAC Has Achieved Good Results in the Market of “Coal

2019-07-05 In recent years, in order to reduce environmental pollution caused by coal, the air source heat pump which is more energy-saving and environmental friendly has been promoted by the nationa...

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