GCHV assists overseas customers in combating the COVID-19

2020-04-07 The COVID-19 is spreading rapidly all over the world, in many countries ,the situation has become urgent in the past month. According to real-time statistics released by Johns Hopkins Univ...


AC Sales in China Drop by 37.1% in January

The epidemic of coronavirus infections in China has greatly impacted off-line sales of air conditioners, resulting in a large drop in total sales. According to All View Cloud (AVC) data, sales of air conditioners in January approached RMB 1.27 billion (US$ 182 million), decreasing by 37.1% year on year. China has implemented many quarantines for the epidemic, consumers are not allowed to go out...


GCHV Officially Restarts Production on February 10

After complying with the Chinese government’s order to extend the period during which companies and facilities remained closed during the Chinese New Year due to the coronavirus outbreak and with a view to protecting its employees, Guangdong Chigo Heating and Ventilation Equipment (GCHV) decided to restart pro-duction on February 10, 2020. Before restarting production, in order to ensure the...


Danfoss China Aims to Develop More Female Leaders

Danfoss is now embarking on an ambitious plan to ensure that the number of female leaders increases significantly over the next five years. With a number of new initiatives, the goal is to grow the pr...


China RAC Exports Decrease by 4.8% in 2019

On February 17, the China Household Electric Appliance Research Institute (CHEARI) and National Household Electrical Appliances Industry Information Center jointly released the 2019 China household electrical appliances industry annual report, which claims that the household electrical appliances industry in China saw an export scale of RMB 303.4 billion (US$ 43.7 billion) in 2019, indicating 0.9%...


State Council Supports Cold Chain to Expand Agriproduct Purc

Recently, under the prevention and control policy to combat the new coronavirus infection in China, the production, transport, and sales of agricultural products in some local areas are encountering a...


Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning’s Compressors are

Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning is offering a lineup of high-performance and highly dependable compressors capable of meeting both domestic and overseas needs. In the field of compressors...


Panasonic Extends Application of Horizontal Scroll Compresso

Panasonic Compressor (Dalian) has made a significant contribution by introducing inverter technology to the market. With incentives from the Chinese government, Panasonic gained a sizeable market shar...


Gree’s High-efficiency Reluctance Inverter Scroll Compressor

Recently, Gree has created another internationally leading technology, ‘High-efficiency Reluctance Inverter Scroll Compressor Technology’. Until now, Gree’s six technologies have bee...


Stulz: Status Report

30 March 2020 - Statement from STULZ GmbH on Corona virus: The Corona virus crisis and its consequences present major challenges for the whole world. As a global company with 11 production sites and ...


GMCC Compressors Aim to Cover the Whole World

Guangdong Meizhi Compressor Company (GMCC) is the world’s largest manufacturer of rotary compressors. JARN interviewed Fu Yongjun, president of GMCC, about main products and their advantages, th...


Chinese Compressor Market

Reported by Professor Zhou Zicheng, HVAC&R advisor China’s air conditioning and refrigeration (AC&R) compressor market in 2019 was adversely affected by factors including the slowdown o...

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