JARN Publishes Market Research Report ‘U.S. VRF Market Forec

At JARN, we published a cuttingedge report for our global readers. The report, titled ‘The U.S. VRF Market Forecast from 2017 to 2023’, gives an in-depth insight into the U.S. variable ref...


Solstice N40 to Help Japanese Retailers Reduce Total Carbon

On April 25, 2019, Honeywell announced on the company’s website that its next-generation, reduced-global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant Solstice N40 (R448A) was approved for use in Panasonic’s new condensing unit models, the Inverter Multi Outdoor condensing units (15 to 40 hp models) which were commercially launched in Japan on April 1. The new condensing unit leverages Solstice ...


Future Office Space Named point 0 marunouchi to Open in July

Daikin has participated in a project that aims at creating an office space of the future by utilizing the cocreation space data platform called Cresnect. The project was launched in July 2018 with a j...


Schneider Electric Releases High-Efficiency Data Center Cool

Schneider Electric has released the Uniflair InRow DX 300 mm to be sold in Japan. Belonging to the Uni-flair InRow Cooling series, the spot cooling solution for data centers and server rooms, the Uniflair InRow DX 300 mm can exhibit far larger cooling capacity per unit area than that of conventional units. The Uniflair InRow Cooling series is a spot cooling solution that, when incorporated into...


Iris Ohyama Launches airwill RAC AW Series Responding to Sma

On May 9, Iris Ohyama launched the airwill room air conditioner (RAC) AW series that is simply operated by voice in response to a smart speaker. The airwill AW series models are sold mainly at home ap...


Toshiba Carrier Releases Enriched Lineup for Shops and Offic

On May 7, Toshiba Carrier began selling a new series of shop and office air conditioners called Ultra Power Eco, which is available in four capacity types comprising 15 models. The Ultra Power Eco ser...


AC Technology Building Completed at Mitsubishi Electric’s Sh

With a view to expanding its air conditioning business, Mitsubishi Electric has constructed on the premises of its Shizuoka Works a building dedicated to air conditioning technology. Completed on May ...


Mitsubishi Electric to Launch Large DIPIPM+ Series

On May 29, 2019, Mitsubishi Electric launched three new large DIPIPM+ transfer-mold intelligent power modules featuring loading-converter circuits that realize simpler and more compact designs for use in air-conditioner and industrial inverters. In particular, one of the new modules achieves a world’s first high-density output of 100 A/1,200 V in its transfer-mold package. Mitsubishi Elec...


MHI to Launch New Commercial and Office AC for Cold Regions

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Thermal Systems launched the Dangan Hyper Inverter series of commercial and office-use air conditioners specifically designed for cold regions in early June. These un...

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