Factory Report


Taiwan Bingdian Develops AI Inverter Air Conditioner

Bingdian is a unique company in the Taiwanese air conditioner industry. In the context of today’s fierce competition, the company has been operating well, even with a low production volume. To l...


Daikin Shiga Plant

– Starting Point to Foster the Daikin Spirit Daikin held a Shiga Plant factory tour for the press on July 4, 2019, and JARN’s reporter also participated. Daikin Shiga Plant was founded ...


New Energy Unveils New Production Base to Double Its Product

In recent years, China has implemented Coal-to-Electricity policy and environmental governance has come into effect. The numbers of heat pump manufacturers are increasing and the whole industry chain ...


Huayi Group Targets Light Commercial Refrigeration Market

In March 2019, JARN reporters visited Huayi Compressor Barcelona in Spain, and were welcomed by Pedro Olalla, sales director, and Claudia Reggiani, marketing manager. The company was founded in 196...


Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning Leading European H

In March 2019, JARN visited Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning Spain and was welcomed by Antoni Badia, general manager, Valle Jimenez, assistant manager, and Ana Arienza Lopez, communication le...


Shanghai Highly Sees Impressive Growth in India

On August 2, 2018, Shanghai Highly Electrical Appliances organized its Annual Global Customer Conference at the Indian beach resort of Mahabalipuram. JARN’s India Correspondent Rakesh Kumar, man...


Daikin Shiga Plant Aims at Further Shortening of Lead Time

Daikin’s financial results for the fiscal year 2017 (end March 2018) showed sales worth over ¥2.29 trillion (US$ 20.6 billion) and an operating profit ratio of 11.1%, which were supported by...


Daikin Begins Production of Its Latest VRV Equipped with a S

On June 20, 2018, Daikin began production of its VRV X series of commercial multi-split air conditioners, equipped with its strategic microchannel heat exchanger component, at its new No.1 Rinkai Fact...

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