MHI Thermal Systems Launches New Air Conditioner Ads on Concept of "Comforting the World with Heat," Featuring Popular Actress Keiko Kitagawa

MHI Thermal Systems Launches New Air Conditioner Ads on Concept of "Comforting the World with Heat," Featuring Popular Actress Keiko Kitagawa

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems, Ltd. (MHI Thermal Systems), a part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group, is launching a new series of commercial advertisements promoting the company’s domestic lineups of "BEAVER" residential-use air conditioners and commercial-use air conditioners. The new ads, featuring popular actress Keiko Kitagawa, were created to mark the 50th anniversary of the BEAVER brand in 1970.

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Daikin Applied UK - Coronavirus Customer Update - 6 Apr 20 - Rev 01

As we are sure you are aware, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a challenging and quickly evolving situation that has impacted the ability of businesses around the world to maintain operations. We continue to monitor the health and wellbeing of our workforce along with our supply chain and as always are committed to our customers, doing our utmost to minimise any potential impact. We would like to share with you an update to the actions we are taking and the current status of our supply chain.

COVID-19: Regular and correct maintenance of ventilation systems (GEN - 1105.00)

GEN - 1105.00. In this GENeral Document, Eurovent presents general and basic recommendations on the operation of ventilation systems during the coronavirus pandemic. The following document also provides additional sources of information on COVID-19.

Systemair: New air transfer device OV-R

Meet our new air transfer device with sound attenuation elements. It is designed for air transfer between neighboring residential, hotel, office rooms etc. • Outstanding sound attenuation • Low generated sound level in operation • Low air transfer resistance  

systemair: Meet our new residential diffuser BOR-C

This new diffuser is specially designed for quiet ventilation in the offices, hotels and any residential rooms, also as a part of the VAV ventilation system. Thanks to the short duct connection, it can be easy and quick installed into the ceiling even with limited space.

Mitsubishi Electric for Tecnopolo in Bologna

The real estate complex of the former tobacco factory, owned by the Emilia-Romagna Region, will become the headquarters of the new Tecnopolo in Bologna: a center for innovation and experimentation.

wieland: cupromed tubes for medical gases

The seamless drawn cupromed copper tube is used for refrigeration/air conditioning as well as for medical gas supply units according to EN ISO 7396-1. cupromed tubes in straight lengths meet the requirements according to EN 13348 and those according to EN 12735-1.

LU-VE: positive first quarter

Pursuant to paragraph 2 of article 154 bis of the Consolidated Law on Finance, the manager responsible for preparing the corporate accounting documents, Eligio Macchi, declares that the accounting information contained in this press release corresponds to the documentary results, books and accounting records.

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Sustainable Thermal Solutions for Small Stores in Europe

Acting as the key final link to consumers, the retail industry is undergoing great changes due to acceleration of an intelligent and sustainable trend. Of the various retail industries, the cold chain-related segment in Europe is ahead of the rest of the world. The cold chain aims to keep foods fresh and requires a large amount of refrigeration equipment, which is rapidly evolving in line with the strengthening of environmental protection and energy conservation policies. At the same time, the construction of cold chain infrastructure such as food retail has become a focus of attention. JARN’s reporters found these trends striking at EuroShop 2020, the world’s No.1 retail trade fair, which was held from February 16 to 20 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

New Toshiba Carrier Plant in Europe to Offer Local-fit Products

On January 21, 2020, Toshiba Carrier announced the establishment of Toshiba Carrier Air-Conditioning Europe in Gniezno, a mid-western city of Poland. The new company was established on December 31, 2019 with a capital of Poland złoty (PLN) 92 million (US$ 24 million) as a 100% manufacturing subsidiary, at the operation startup, of Toshiba Carrier Europe located in Montluel, France, a 100% sales subsidiary of Toshiba Carrier for the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) business.

Another Global Manufacturing Pole – Made in India

The development history of the air conditioner market in the past 40 years is actually the story of the great transfer of the manufacturing industry. The first one was Made in Japan, then Japanese manufacturers moved their factories to Southeast Asia, and then shifted to China. However, in the past two years, people have begun to focus on India. Could India become another global production base after China?


GMCC Compressors Aim to Cover the Whole World

Guangdong Meizhi Compressor Company (GMCC) is the world’s largest manufacturer of rotary compressors. JARN interviewed Fu Yongjun, president of GMCC, about main products and their advantages, the current business performance, global strategy, and future goal of the company.

Daikin Group Combining Its Forces to Grow in the European Refrigeration & Heating Markets

At EuroShop, the world’s largest retail trade fair held in Germany in February, JARN interviewed Junji Umamoto, vice president of Daikin Europe, to hear about its business strategies focusing on the refrigeration and heating fields. Our concept this year is ‘One Team’. The phrase ‘One Team’ was the slogan of Japan’s rugby team at the Rugby World Cup hosted by Japan in 2019.

Danfoss Turbocor Oil-free Compressors Provide Chillers with Reliability and Long Lifespans

During AHR Expo held in February 2020, JARN visited the Tallahassee factory of Danfoss and interviewed Ricardo Schneider, president of Danfoss Turbocor Compressors. He talked about the advantages, potential markets, and product strategy of Danfoss Turbocor oil-free compressors.
The market is developing in many different directions. As a compressor manufacturer, we have to look at all the different options for all the different applications and all the different regions.


Belimo: COVID-19 Update

All crucial Belimo locations are currently operating with a high level of product availability. We are maintaining safety and health as our top priority and have taken aggressive measures to provide a safe working environment for our employees in all our facilities worldwide. Depending on the country and the current governmental instructions, we have adapted our processes and working procedures as such that we meet the local rules and regulations.

Danfoss parts and service launches new “ServiceHub” site for aftermarket customers

Danfoss Power Solutions is excited and happy to announce the launch of a new site that is specifically targeted at all global owners of off-road machines that contain Danfoss components, and to assist those customers in identifying the right service and repair products (parts, kits, services), and direct them to existing online stores within our distribution network.

Danfoss Editron opens in-house testing facility in Lappeenranta, Finland

Danfoss Editron has opened a new in-house testing laboratory in Lappeenranta, the Finnish city where it is headquartered, following a multi-million EURO investment. The facility will conduct electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and environmental tests, which guarantee the quality of the company’s EDITRON systems to its customers.


Helsinki Energy challenge / The application phase of Helsinki Energy Challenge extended until 30 September

Due to the current situation caused by coronavirus COVID-19, the application phase of Helsinki Energy Challenge has been extended until 30 September 2020. We want to give innovators around the world time to adapt to this new situation we are all in. The competition process otherwise remains the same, as decarbonising Helsinki’s heating and making Helsinki carbon neutral by 2035 keeps on being one of our top priorities.

5 Things That Can Help HVAC Businesses Cope with Coronavirus Change

The coronavirus pandemic and ensuing economic fallout dominate news headlines and has altered life fundamentally for our families, friends, coworkers, customers, homeowners, suppliers and industry partners. So, you may be asking yourself, "How can HVAC companies operate in this new business climate?" The short answer is: the decisions we make now will have an enormous impact on how we fare in the coming months.

Energy efficiency and economic stimulus

    Energy efficiency actions can support the goals of economic stimulus programmes by supporting existing workforces and creating new jobs, boosting economic activity in key labour-intensive sectors, and delivering longer-term benefits such as increased competitiveness, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, improved energy affordability and lower bills.

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Supermarket Trade Show 2020 Leaps Toward Automation

From February 12 to 14, the Supermarket Trade Show (SMTS) 2020 was held at Makuhari Messe. It attracted 2,331 exhibitors including various companies and groups. Occupying 3,599 booths, the current show was visited by more than 80,000 persons over the three-day event. SMTS is an exhibition that dispatches the latest information to the food distribution industry centering on supermarkets, while serving as a place for business talks/negotiations.

2020 AHR Expo Photo Report – Part II

ebm-papst—featured its EC technology and modular plug fan solutions that attracted many visitors. Also featured was GreenIntelligence technology, that is, the intelligent control and interconnection of fans, drives, and systems, making applications more powerful and efficient.

ACREX India 2020 Focuses on Sustainable Future--Photo Report

Voltas—exhibited its magnetic-bearing centrifugal chiller that is available in 100 to 1,300 ton range with a COP of 6.5 and IPLV of 11, inverter ducted air conditioner that comes in the range of 5.5 to 22 tons, window air conditioners, split air conditioners, water dispensers, chest freezers, visi-coolers, air coolers and air purifiers, and Voltas Beko range of home appliances such as refrigerators and top-and front-loading washing machines.

U.S. VRF Report
Midez CAC