LU-VE Participates in The European Research Project “EASYGO” to Fight Climate Change

LU-VE Participates in The European Research Project “EASYGO” to Fight Climate Change

LU-VE Group, the Italian multinational listed on the MTA and the world's third-largest operator in the air heat exchanger sector, continues its commitment to combating climate change. The Group has been awarded participation in the international research project "EASYGO - Efficiency and Safety in Geothermal Operations" which will deal with the development of geothermal electricity production technology.

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Fujitsu Develops World's First AI technology to Accurately Capture Characteristics of High-Dimensional Data Without Labeled Training Data

Fujitsu Laboratories, Ltd. has developed the world's first AI technology that accurately captures essential features, including the distribution and probability of high-dimensional data in order to improve the accuracy of AI detection and judgment.

Alfa Laval takes the next step towards Industry 4.0 through digital operations development

Alfa Laval – a world leader in heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling – will use advanced digital twin technology when expanding capacity in the production of separators in Sweden. The technology will facilitate the operations development and reduce the time for ramp-up of the production substantially.

The Value Rating: Easiest way to select the best filters for gas turbines

Camfil Power Systems, the leader in providing clean air solutions for turbomachinery, introduces The Value Rating classification system to simplify the filter selection process for gas turbine users in the Power Generation and Oil & Gas industries, by helping them easily evaluate the efficiency and quality of primary air inlet filters.

Our summer 2020 newsletter is here--research

Although many GEOTABS buildings have been constructed over the last decades in a variety of settings and configurations, there are two large blind spots in the research, which are covered by GEOTABShybrid:

Johnson Controls Partners with EAGL Technology and Anixter

Johnson Controls today announced its partnership with EAGL Technology and Anixter to help customers better protect their facility occupants and streamline emergency response, leading to improved outcomes during intruder incidents. Working with Johnson Controls and EAGL Technology, customers have access to a greater range of technologies and more custom solutions, regardless of building size or goals.

Our Summer 2020 Newsletter Is Here--Technology

GEOTABS, when optimised, are the “perfect marriage” of technology for heating and cooling buildings. “GEO” refers to geothermal heat pumps. “TABS” (thermally activated building systems) include technology like concrete core activation, i.e., pipes embedded in concrete floors through which warm/cold water is pumped to heat/cool a building’s thermal mass. Together, GEOTABS (‘Geothermally Activated Building Systems’) offer tremendous energy savings over conventional systems.

Two innovative brands of GCHV are released

On July 11, one year after the shareholding change, Guangdong Chigo Heating & Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd. (GCHV) ushered in a historic moment, releasing a new brand in Xiamen-"GIWEE", and a comprehensive upgrade of professional engineering brand -"GCHV". At the same time, "GIWEE Group" was formally announced. GCHV, which was established in January 2011, has just held its tenth anniversary ceremony at the Foshan headquarters. More importantly, the launch of this new brand is also the most solid step in the strategic transformation process.

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Air Purifiers Riding a Wave on Global Stage

In Japan, domestic shipments of air purifiers increased sharply this April. According to data from the Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association (JEMA), shipments of air purifiers increased by 64.3% on a volume basis and by 71% on a value basis in April 2020, compared with the same month last year. In contrast, room air conditioner (RAC) shipments decreased by 8.2% on a volume basis and by 143% on a value basis in April 2020, compared with the same month last year, according to data from the Japan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association (JRAIA).

Europe Innovates to Stay Afloat

This year in Europe, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic spread rapidly, with Italy as an epicenter, from late February. In March, most European Union (EU) member states had locked down their countries and banned public contact, leading to a gradual decline in the numbers of new infections. Then in May, more and more countries began releasing the lockdowns in a stepwise manner. Under these circumstances, how did the European air conditioner market fare during the first quarter of this year?


Goldensea Develops Filter to Combat the Novel Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected countries and people worldwide, and is the most severe crisis faced by human society since World War II. Strategy designed to reduce the risk of infection is a big issue. In response to market demand, Zhejiang Goldensea Environment Technology has developed the latest anti-virus filter, which has been recognized by the industry and the market, and is widely used in the central air conditioning, transportation, and other air filtration fields. JARN interviewed Ding Hongguang, president of Goldensea, to hear about this filter.

Systemair Provides Total Solutions from System Selection to Aftermarket Support

JARN interviewed Roland Kasper, chief executive officer (CEO) of Systemair, to hear about the group’s profile, products, and business strategies.

Hisensehitachi Talks about the Keys to Success of Its VRF Business

In 2019, Qingdao Hisense Hitachi Air-Conditioning Systems (Hisensehitachi) achieved significant sales growth and gained a leading position in China’s variable refrigerant flow (VRF) market.  JARN interviewed the company’s president Fei Licheng to hear about the keys to such success. First of all, we are committed to the business philosophy of integrity, which is the foundation of long-term development and win-win cooperation.


Snowman CO2 Heat Pump Provides Healthy Hot Water

In hot water systems, many viruses and bacteria tend to propagate, posing a threat to health. In general, viruses and bacteria, including the highly pathogenic Legionella bacterium that causes pneumonia, survive and reproduce in water at a temperature of 20 to 50ºC, but Legionella is immediately killed in hot water at a temperature above 70ºC. Therefore, healthy domestic water is achieved by heating water to a temperature above 70ºC.

Rotary Compressor Export Grows Beyond Expectation in 1Q of 2020

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic in China, the domestic sales of rotary compressors was not satisfactory in the first quarter of 2020. However, export sales achieved growth well beyond expectations.

Shuangliang Installs First Zero Water Consumption CHP in Latin America

In January 2020, Shuangliang successfully installed a zero water consumption combined heat and power (CHP) system at a fifth-generation (5G) data center in Latin America. Shuangliang’s zero water consumption CHP system is an innovation and improvement based upon a traditional CHP system, taking the environmentally friendly concept to the next level and consuming practically no fresh water.


Rules for New AC Energy Label Released

In accordance with the Administration of Energy Efficiency Labels, on April 21, the National Development and Reform Commission and the State Administration for Market Regulation revised the regulations surrounding the application of Energy Labels and its relevant rules, making these revisions valid for a period of five years.

Panasonic and Guizhou Join Hands to Provide Cold Chain Logistics

Guizhou’s poverty alleviation plan regards 2020 as the most important year and is vigorously promoting pre-cooling agricultural products in production areas as an important measure to drive economic development.

Midea M-Powevi Provides Strong Heating Using a Centrifugal Compressor

Equipped with the M-Powevi system, the heat pump can deliver heating output at 100% of its capacity, even when the outdoor temperature falls to –20ºC, and can maintain over 70% output capacity under extremely cold conditions of –25ºC. It delivers 60% stronger output power compared with that of conventional systems. At –20ºC and 100% output, it has a coefficient of performance (COP) of more than 2.0, which is 30 to 50% more energy efficient than a conventional heating system.

Photo Report

Climate World 2020 Ends on a High Note

The 16th International Specialized Exhibition Climate World, the main Russian event in the field of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC&R), was organized by APIC, the Russian association of climate industry professionals, and Euroexpo from March 10 to 13, 2020 in Moscow.

EuroShop 2020 Showcases Sustainable Refrigeration Equipment

EuroShop, the world’s No. 1 retail trade fair, was held on February 16 to 20, 2020 at Messe Düsseldorf, Germany. On the exhibition floor, 2,300 exhibitors from 57 nations exhibited their latest innovations addressing market trends. We present here our photo report introducing the exhibitors’ highlighted products and technologies.

Supermarket Trade Show 2020 Leaps Toward Automation

From February 12 to 14, the Supermarket Trade Show (SMTS) 2020 was held at Makuhari Messe. It attracted 2,331 exhibitors including various companies and groups. Occupying 3,599 booths, the current show was visited by more than 80,000 persons over the three-day event. SMTS is an exhibition that dispatches the latest information to the food distribution industry centering on supermarkets, while serving as a place for business talks/negotiations.

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