Panasonic Develops New ‘Ene-Farm’ Fuel Cell System

Panasonic, jointly with Tokyo Gas, has developed a new ‘Ene-Farm’ home-use fuel cell cogeneration system. The new product will be released by Tokyo Gas on April 1.The Ene-Farm takes hydrogen from city gas and causes it to react with airborne oxygen to generate electricity, which is utilized by the home. It also utilizes the heat that is generated during the reaction for water and space heating. Th...


Hitachi Appliances to Release New PACs for Store/ Office Use

In April, Hitachi Appliances will release its ‘Master of Energy-saving Premium’ series packaged air conditioners for store and office use. Available in 11 types, the new series covers 353 models. From the type 40 (1.5 hp) to the type 280 (10 hp), the new models in the series have realized the industry’s top-class annual performance factor (APF) which indicates the annual energy consumption efficie...


Mitsubishi Electric Offers Ventilation Unit for Commercial U

On February 28, Mitsubishi Electric released 5 new models of its Lossnay ventilation units for commercial use that, in combination with the outdoor unit of a VRF system, can perform total heat exchange, dust removal, air conditioning and humidification. The new models in particular feature a powerful humidifying function. The company also released a humidity sensor as one of their system component...


ENEX2011 / Smart Energy Japan 2011 in Tokyo

From February 8 to 10, ENEX2011, the 35th Energy and Environment Exhibition, sponsored by the Energy Conservation Center Japan, was held at the West Exhibition Hall of Tokyo Big Sight international exhibition center. Smart Energy Japan 2011, sponsored by ICS Convent ion Design, was concurrently held at the same venue.The theme of the exhibitions was ‘Low-Carbon Frontier Japan.’These exhibit ions s...


Sharp Releases RACs with Plasmacluster Ion

Sharp has released 6 new models in its SX series of Plasmacluster air conditioners. They feature high energy-efficiency and a ‘high-concentration Plasmacluster ion generator’ (ion concentration of 25,000/cm3) that purifies the air and moisturizes the skin.The Plasmacluster ion generator suppresses airborne mold, allergens, viruses, and odors and breaks down and removes mold that forms inside the a...


Corona RACs Provide High Heating Capacity

Corona is releasing 11 models of room air conditioners in 3 series for 2011, including the W series with enhanced heating capacity.The W series is designed not only for cooling in summer but also for comfortable heating in winter. W series models feature about 40% higher heating capacity at low outdoor temperatures than previous models. For example, the CSH-W2811 (2.8 kW cooling capacity) has an i...


MHI Launches New RACs for 2011

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) is releasing 16 models of home-use room air conditioners for 2011 that clear the 2011 energy-saving standard.Five models each in the RSM and RM series are used for 10–23 m2 rooms, while six models in the standard TM series are used for 10–30 m2 rooms.The RSM series adopts a newly developed high-performance twin rotary compressor for higher energy efficiency while ...


Hitachi Appliances’ New RACs for 2011

Hitachi Appliances has released 12 models of the ‘Ion Mist Stainless Clean White Bear’ room air conditioner in its S series capable of exhibiting higher energy-saving performance and offering a higher level of comfort by closely controlling air conditioner operation according to room conditions.The new series combines the existing visual sensor that detects the location and movement of people in t...


Toshiba’s JDR Series RACs for 2011

Toshiba Home Appliances (Toshiba HA) has released 13 models in its Daiseikai JDR series as part of its 2011 lineup of new heat pump room air conditioners.The JDR series features the ‘fully automated’ mode, which uses sensors to detect people’s location in the room, their level of activity, and the level of brightness. It then automatically changes airflow direction and cooling or heating capacity ...


Fujitsu General Releases ‘nocria’ Z & S Series

Fujitsu General has released the ‘nocria’ Z series and S series of high-performance room air conditioners that adopt the industry’s first remote control with radio frequency (RF) communication and an electricity consumption management function using a personal computer. An increasing number of room air conditioners have adopted energy-saving visualization techniques to indicate power consumption a...


Daikin Releases New Flash Streamer RACs

Daikin has released a new room air conditioner models for 2011 that incorporate the company’s Flash Streamer technology for higher indoor air quality. The new models exhibit higher energy savings and can powerfully remove germs and odors in the room.The new lineup includes products in the Ururu Sarara R series of flagship models as well as the H, DX, C, P, and E series. With a product concept of ‘...

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