JRAIA Elects New Chairman

On June 4, the Japan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association (JRAIA) held its 42nd ordinary general assembly, where it elected board members to replace those whose terms had expired. H...


Panasonic Dehumidifier- Clothes Dryer with ‘Nanoe’

In April, Panasonic released the hybrid dehumidifier/dryer F-YHFX120 equipped with the company’s ‘nanoe’ technology to disinfect and deodorize laundry that is hung to dry indoors. In addition to the clothes drying mode that disinfects laundry, the dehumidifier also comes with a ‘clothing refresh’ mode that disinfects and deodorizes clothes that cannot be washed in a washing machine.   The nan...


Toshiba Dehumidifier Anticipates Drying Time

In April, Toshiba Home Technology released a new dehumidifier, the RAD-C100DFX/C80DFX, that features cool and warm airflows as well as a filter that eliminates pollen, mites, bacteria, and viruses.   The new model has three modes: warm air, cool air, and straight dehumidification. The warm air mode dehumidifies while warming air and is more effective at drying laundry hung indoors during the ...


Mitsubishi Electric Releases Dehumidifier for Drying Laundry

On May 10, Mitsubishi Electric released 2 models of the world’s first dehumidifier for drying laundry* that determines laundry placement and dryness and eliminates uneven drying. According to the company, more people are doing household chores at night and choosing to hang laundry to dry indoors in recent years due to time constraints or security concerns. In a survey of married women that the com...


Home-Use Dehumidifier Market in Rainy Season

While the arrival of the rainy season in Japan marks the high point of the sales season for residential-use dehumidifiers, an unseasonably rainy early spring this year has also provided an initial boo...


Sanyo Releases CO2 Freezer Showcase

In June, Sanyo began taking orders for a CO2-compatible non-HFC freezer and reach-in showcase. The products are scheduled for release in September. One obstacle to adopting natural CO2 refrigerant is ...


Panasonic Fully Enters Solar Power Generation Business

On July 1, 2010, the Panasonic Group will launch its HIT 215 series household solar power generation systems, the first series of collaborative products to be developed since Sanyo became a part of th...


Sanyo Delivers HIT PV Modules to Massive PV Plant in Italy

Sanyo’s original HIT photovoltaic modules have been adopted in a large-scale photovoltaic power plant project under construction in the southwest of Italy, in the province of Brindisi in the Puglia re...


Mitsubishi Electric Announces Mid-term Management Plan

Last month Mitsubishi Electric held a press conference to announce its management strategy. Describing the strategy, President and CEO Kenichiro Yamanishi said, “We will continue to practice ‘balanced...

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