Fujitsu General Releases a Total of Four Inverter AC Models

Fujitsu General released four new wall-mounted inverter air conditioner models in April, to strengthen the company’s product lineup for the Indian market, including models with the highest energ...


Corona to Launch Eco-dan Cool Aircon

From early June, Corona will start selling heat pump floor-heating systems with an air conditioner named Corona Eco-dan Cool Aircon, which is capable of space cooling during summer and space and floor...


Takasago Develops New Aluminum Refrigerant Tube Brazing Meth

Takasago Thermal Engineering has developed the aluminum refrigerant tube brazing method, a method for connecting aluminum refrigerant tubes. The company has made it possible to perform aluminum tube b...


NEDO Begins Development of Next-Generation Refrigerants

On April 25, the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) announced that it has launched the development of next-generation types of refrigerants centering on green refrige...


Toshiba Launches RACs Capable of Calm Cooling

In late April, Toshiba Lifestyle began selling a new DX series that is evolved from Daiseikai room air conditioners (RACs) incorporating a powerful air purification function called ‘plasma kusei...


MHI Thermal Systems to Launch Four Room Air-Conditioner Mode

-- Models Meet Standards for Heating Air Conditioners from Hokkaido Electric Power and Tohoku Electric Power -- (Domestic sales only) 2019-05-30   ・ Non-stop operation limits the falloff in...


MHI Thermal Systems to Launch New Lineup of Commercial and O

-- Dangan Hyper Inverter Series to Be Released Successively from June --   ・ Able to operate at a rated heating capacity at minus 10°C ・ Seven models of interior units of three to six hors...


Low-GWP R454C Refrigerant Highlighted — MHI Develops RAC Dem

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), has developed the world’s first demonstration model of a small air conditioner in the 1-hp class t...


Daikin Offers VRV X Featuring Greater Energy Savings and Dur

The roof of a building on which an outdoor unit is installed is in a severe environment in which the ambient temperature around the outdoor unit tends to rise due to intense sunlight and dense install...

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