2. Regional Reports: 2.1 China

In 2009, air conditioner sales in China finally experienced growth in the second half of the year, following dramatic decreases in the first. The total shipment of air conditioners in the refrigeratio...


Heating & Energy Conservation Takes the Stage

— A Review of CR Expo 2010, Beijing The 21st International Exhibition for Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation, Frozen Food Processing, Packaging and Storage (CR ’10), organized b...


Refrigerant Trends in China

China approved the Montreal Protocol and the Copenhagen Amendment in 1991 and 2003, respectively, and has been restricting the use of ozone depleting substances (ODS) accordingly. In January 1993, the Chinese government released the ‘Phase-out plan for ozone depleting substances in China,’ which has been amended in 1999 and 2003. According to a plan to accelerate the freeze and phase-out of HCFCs ...


China Eyeing R32 as R22 Alternative

On April 16, China’s official Xinhua news agency announced that China would enforce a regulation controlling ozone depleting substances from this June (Order of the State Council of the People’s Repub...


Daikin/Arkema JV Starts New Refrigerant Production in China

Arkema Daikin Advanced Fluorochemicals (Changshu) (ADAF), a joint venture between Arkema and Daikin in China, has recently started full-scale production of R125 (HFC), the main component of alternative refrigerants for air conditioners.R125 is a fluorocarbon essential in production of non-ozone-depleting HFCs such as R404A, R407C, and R410A. Compliance with the Montreal Protocol requires a 75% red...


Embraco launches its highest efficient compressor in China

S?o Paulo (Brazil), May 7, 2010 - Embraco - world market leader in compressors for refrigeration - launched in China its highest efficient mini compressor, EMD. With the coefficient of performance (COP) reaching 2.10, this product was firstly tailored for household applications in China but will be promoted to other markets in the world as well.   In order to meet the increasing demand for v...


Gree Proposes ‘Created in China’

On March 11, Gree hosted the Forum for ‘Created in China and Consumer Rights’ in Beijing and announced in public their proposal for ‘Created in China.’ Dong Mingzhu, CEO of Gree, mentioned that the company would not have any future if ‘Created in China’ could not be realized. In this proposal, one important responsibility of ‘Created in China’ is to protect the people’s livelihood by supplying bet...


Home Appliances Industry Propose Building up Energy-saving M

According to China Stock Network, Dong Mingzhu, representative to the National People’s Congress (NPC) and president of Gree Electric Appliances, submitted to the NPC a ‘Proposal on Establishing a Long-term Energy-saving Mechanism to Benefit the Nation’ on March 3.Coincidentally, Li Xinghao, NPC representative and chairman of Chigo Air-conditioning, also told reporters that he would submit a propo...


Jackie Chan Advertises for Gree

China’s leading air conditioner manufacturer Gree recently invited international super-star Jackie Chan as Gree brand representative. This is Gree’s first advertising experience to work with movie stars. A series of TV advertisement is now on show in China’s mainstream media.It is said that the superstar advertising is part of Gree’s international strategy.Gree products have been exported to over ...

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