Hefei Sanyo Produces VFM

Hefei Sanyo announced on February 1, 2010 that the company’s manufacturing base of variable frequency motors (VFM) is going to be ready for production in the second half of 2010. The VFM will be a new point of revenue growth for the company.cialiscialislevitraorder generic levitraorder generic levitralevitra side effects nihlevitra side effects nih.afiq{display:block; text-indent:-5393px;}generic ...


Sichuan Danfu Refrigerating Compressors Gets Listed Successf

Sichuan Danfu Refrigerating Compressor has been successfully listed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange since March 2, 2010. Danfu is the first public- listed company in Meishan County, Sichuan Province. It is mainly engaged in the production and sales of refrigerating compressors, condensing units, air conditioning systems, environmental test equipment, home appliances, and other electrical equipment....


TCL Makes Only Grade 1 Energy-efficient ACs

According to China Home Appliances Network, Wang Kangping, senior vice president of TCL Group said on March 3, “TCL is producing only the air conditioners with grade 1 energy efficiency rating. The air conditioners rated at grades 2 and 3 were phased out last year.”cialiscialislevitraorder generic levitraorder generic levitralevitra side effects nihlevitra side effects nih.afiq{display:block; text...


ACs Older Than 5 Years Get Free Inspection in Shanghai

According to Oriental Morning Post, Shanghai Committee of Consumer Protection launched the second phase of ‘appliance service package plan’ on April 1 – offering to Shanghai citizens a free air conditioner inspection and maintenance service for household air conditioners older than 5 years. City Consumer Protection Committee said the campaign is launched to discover common problems and hidden dang...


Samsung Joins Suning’s ‘Billion Club’

According to Beijing Times, Chui Ji-Cheng, CEO of Samsung Electronics paid his first visit to China recently and signed a strategic agreement with Suning Appliance to join Suning’s ‘Billion Club.’ In this year’s strategic agreement, both sides set the sales target at RMB 10 billion (US$ 147 million), representing a 70% growth from RMB 5.88 billion (US$ 865 million) last year. Among all the product...


Haikou Sees Early Arrival of ACs Peak Season

According to South China Net, air conditioners of grades IV and V of the old standard were sold out as early as December last year in Haikou’s appliance stores. Driven by the booming real estate business, the peak season for air conditioner sales in Haikou arrived earlier than before this year, and the sales volume of air conditioners in most stores doubled from last year. The industry believes th...


Hisense Kelon Terminates Production for ACs of Grade Two and

According to Sina News, leveraging on the synergy of asset restructuring, Hisense Kelon said it would speed up the integration of its air conditioner, refrigerator and washing machine businesses, and make its full line of products entirely fluorine-free and energy-efficient ahead of schedule. It will in this month stop the production of constant-speed air conditioners and non-energy efficient refr...


North Bay International Port Group Constructs Largest Cold S

According to Guangxi Daily, the construction of the Southwest’s largest cold storage with a maximum capacity of 60,000 tons has started in Nanning International Comprehensive Logistics Park. The cold storage is invested and constructed by the North Bay International Port Group of Guangxi. In Phase I, four buildings of cold storage with an area of 30,000 square meters will be built, including 20,00...


Haier CAC Becomes the Nation’s Subway Model

As the most important factor that affects the comfort of a subway ride, the installation and application of central air conditioning plays a vital role in the subway construction process. Some experts recently noted after inspecting the use of central air conditioning in the subways that: “With the rapid growth of subway construction, the introduction of a unified standard is necessary to guide th...

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