1.5 Europe

Reported by Alan Field, JARN’S Europe Correspondent   The latest report published in this March from the UK research center BSRIA takes in Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Ind...


1.4.2 Pakistan

Pakistan’s air conditioner demand increased by 3% in 2014 over the previous year to around 958,000 units.   Pakistan has the sixth largest population in the world at more than 180 million people. This population is also very young, with people un-der 35 years old accounting for over 70% of the total population. According to the United Nations, Pakistan’s population will continue growing for t...


1.4 Indian Subcontinent: 1.4.1 India

Reported by Rakesh Kumar, Technical Editor, ISHRAE Journal,India   Political and Economic Situation   The major political development of 2014 was the change of government in May. The Narendr...


1.3.7 Myanmar

Lagging behind its more economically developed neighbors in the emerging Greater Mekong Subregion, Myanmar is being called the last frontier in Asia.   Myanmar’s air conditioner market is estimat...


1.3.6 Philippines

The Philippine market is characterized by stable development with little fluctuation. JARN estimates the Philippine market size at about 631,000 units in 2014, marking expansion of 4.4% compared with ...


1.3.5 Vietnam

Vietnam has a growing population of 90 million with a strong cultural focus on education. The percentage of high school students going on to university is rising, reflecting the rising income levels i...


1.3.4 Singapore

Growth in Singapore’s air conditioner market is trending slower, but is expected to remain stable in the coming years. The government is moving to restrain real estate investment, which is casting a s...


1.3.3 Malaysia

Malaysia experienced a cool summer in 2014, and the awaited introduction of a new Goods and Services Tax (GST) had a dampening effect on purchasing appetites, keeping growth low.   Market demand ...


1.3.2 Thailand

The country’s political situation appears to be stabilizing. Thailand’s Valued Added Tax (VAT) rose from 7% to 10% in October, with a rush in air conditioner demand before the tax increase.   Tha...


1.3.1 Indonesia

Indonesia elected a new president in 2014 and the political situation appears stable. The public policy outlook shows relatively high internal demand and sustained economic growth. The lifestyle of ci...


1.3 Southeast Asia

The penetration rate of air conditioners is still low in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. Demand from the burgeoning Southeast Asian middle class that does not yet own an air conditi...


1.2 China

The total sales volume of air conditioners in China came to 41.7 million units in 2014, indicating 1.3% year-on-year growth. The total export volume from China came to 43 million units in 2014, showin...

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