Chinese Giants Rush to Develop Cold Chain Logistics

On October 23, JD.com Group and Zhengzhou Synear Food signed a strategic cooperation agreement, collaborating in the building of a leading cold chain service platform in China, and jointly establishin...


Ice Make Ventures into Ammonia-based Refrigeration Equipment

Ice Make Refrigeration, a leading manufacturer and supplier of cooling solutions and refrigeration equipment, has forayed into ammonia refrigeration equipment manufacturing and turnkey project management, project engineering, and execution. The company has been manufacturing cooling products with hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) and hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants.  ...


India’s Cooling Demand to Increase Eight Fold in 20 Years

India’s total cooling requirement is expected to increase eight-fold in the next 20 years, with room air conditioners (RACs) consuming more than half of the energy required for space cooling in the country by 2037–2038. On the occasion of World Ozone Day on September 16, the government released a draft cooling action plan that will guide stakeholders such as the government, and resi...


Dearman liquid nitrogen refueller

29th November 2018 London, UK: Dearman and Air Products have a new refueller to service Dearman’s nitrogen powered fridges.   The refueller can be installed in a day at distribution de...


Savona Foodservice gets BRC accreditation

29th November 2018 Kidlington, Oxfordshire, UK: Savona Foodservice has gained BRC AA standard accreditation at its Oxford and Ilfracombe depots.   Mke Morgan, director and general manager, S...


Acquisition of Austrian Refrigerating and Freezing Showcases

Expanding Products Covering Cold Chain and Bolstering Integration of Refrigeration Systems with Air Conditioning   26 November 2018 Daikin Industries, Ltd. (Headquarter: Osaka, Japan; Presiden...


Daikin to acquire AHT Cooling

25 Nov 20180 The Nikkei is reporting that Daikin is set to acquire commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturer AHT Cooling Systems for just over JPY100bn ($885m, €780m).   The Japanes...


New IIR publication: Technological options for retail refrig

22/11/2018 Written by several experts from the acclaimed London South Bank University (UK), the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) is proud to present the “Technological options for...


Creed Foodservice takes its first Carrier Iceland fridges

22nd November 2018 Gloucester, UK: Creed Foodservice has specified its first Carrier Transicold Iceland Twincool fridges for 12 new Daf LF rigid trucks.   The Iceland undermount units are powe...


Joyvio Group agrees to acquire Australis Seafoods for $880m

November 20, 2018 Chinese foodservice company Joyvio Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Legend Holdings, has agreed to acquire Chilean seafood producer Australis Seafoods for $880 million.   ...


How niche and challenger brands support the frozen food aisl

November 20, 2018 The frozen aisle has undergone major transformation, from the sodium-heavy, artificial ingredient-laden TV dinners to today’s naturally preserved alternatives. While consumers...