Hanbell to Feature Oil-free Magnetic Bearing Technology

At this year’s CRH, Hanbell will bring a complete compressor solutions for refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pumps, as well as a new series of oil-lubricated/oil-free centrifugal compres...


Dorin to Display Its New Transformer Refrigeration Compresso

At CRH 2019, Dorin will cast a spotlight on its new Transformer refrigeration compressor that embodies a globally new compressor manufacturing concept, in which the common main parts and components ma...


New recruits for BITZER UK

28/3/2019 BITZER UK has announced two new appointments as it targets further growth.   Stephen Toppon has been appointed to the new role of industrial refrigeration business line manager and w...


World Compressor Market--6. CENTRIFUGAL

Chillers adopting centrifugal compressors are energy efficient, making them a good choice for installations that require year-round chiller operation. They are often used in large public facilities su...


World Compressor Market--5 RECIPROCATING

Reciprocating compressors have a long history and a wide range of applications from refrigeration equipment to air conditioning systems and heat pumps. Reciprocating compressors can be divided into...


World Compressor Market--4. SCREW

Screw compressors were first commercialized in the 1950s and have a shorter history compared with reciprocating compressors. Screw compressors combine features of positive displacement as in the recip...


World Compressor Market--3 SCROLL

The global scroll compressor market saw sluggish growth in 2018, and the overall trend was increasing growth in the Western market and decreasing growth in the Eastern market, so there was only weak g...


World Compressor Market--1 OVERVIEW

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) revised the global economic growth forecast for 2018 down-ward to 3.7%. Including the newly industrialized countries, the global air conditioning and refrigeratio...


SCHAUFLER Academy incorporates bus air conditioning into its

2019-03-25 Sindelfingen/Rottenburg, 22.03.2019. BITZER, the refrigeration and air conditioning specialist, is offering a new type of training at its international training centre, the SCHAUFLER Acade...


Huayi to Display New Compressors with R290 Refrigerant

Huayi Compressor Group is a world leading compressor manufacturer with an annual production capacity of 50 million units, devoted to manufacturing high-efficiency and super-efficient compressors opera...


Bitzer to Introduce Compact Class, but Uncompromising Power

With the CSW105 screw compressor, Bitzer has developed a technology that is able to fulfill China’s Five-year Plan focusing on the ‘Greening’ aspect. Bitzer is presenting its range o...