Danfoss Seeks Entries for Fifth Annual EnVisioneer of the Ye

24 January 2014 Award recognizes OEMs, building owners, municipalities, end users for advancements in energy efficiency, environmental responsibility   Danfoss, a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency electronic and mechanical components and controls for air-conditioning, heating, refrigeration and motion systems, today announced it is seeking entries for its fifth annual EnVisioneer of the...


40% GHG emissions reduction in the EU by 2030

2030 Framework 23 January 2014 The European Commission believes that the 40% target for reducing GHG emissions is a cost-effective track that will help the EU move towards meeting the 2050 objective of an 80-95% emissions cut. In addition to that an EU-wide target for renewable energy is set which would foresee a share of at least 27% of renewables in energy consumption. Unlike the current targe...


Government to discuss F-Gas impact with the industry in Spri

23 January 2014 | By Andrew Gaved Defra releases progress report on F-Gas from UK point of view and announces intention to meet industry in March or April   Defra has released a progress report o...


Swedish heat pump sales increased by 4% in 2013

Jan. 23, 2014 Despite a bad start of the year, 2013 turned out to be a better year for the heat pump industry in Sweden than 2012. The biggest sales increase was recorded by exhaust air heat pumps (+ 9%). Besides, groundsource heat pumps and air/water heat pumps both increased by 2%. "It was to be expected that the positive trend of the third quarter would remain stable in the fourth quarter of ...


Mitsubishi Electric to Purchase an Italian AC Manufacturer

On December 16, Mitsubishi Electric announced an agreement with Klimat-Fer, an Italian air conditioner manufacturer for railroads (Padova City), which will be incorporated into Mitsubishi Electric’s railcar business in Europe late in January 2014 and this contract will acquire 80% of Klimat-Fer issuing share.   With annual sale of about US$ 14.2 million (about \1.5 billion), Klimat-Fer has ab...


Interclima+elec Photo Report

Interclima+elec exhibition was held from November 4 to 8, 2013, in France. Following is the Photo Report continued from December issue.   Sanhua--set up an attractive booth displaying an impressi...


Top Managers Take on New Functions at Bitzer

Two long-standing top managers in the Bitzer Group took on new responsibilities. Rob de Bruyn assumed the position of managing director of Bitzer Refrigeration Asia. As such, he’s following in the foo...


Toshiba Expanding Home Solutions Business in Europe

Toshiba recently launched Pluzzy, a home energy management system (HEMS) in Europe. Pluzzy was launched initially in France in 2013, promoted by Toshiba Systemes (France) (TSF). This is the first step...


Omnes Capital to Invest E1.5 Million in Cooltech Application

Omnes Capital announced in December 2013 that it will invest E1.5 million in Cooltech Applications. Cooltech Applications is a France-based world leader in magnetic refrigeration solutions and is on t...

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