Tangshan: to Start Largest Domestic Seawater Source Heat Pum

On June 23, the Tangshan Seaport Economic and Development Zone of Hebei Province announced that the largest heat pump heat supply project, which makes use of the low temperature and low altitude of seawater, will be located there. The losses of the municipal heat supply will be solved after production is complete.Making use of the huge thermal energy of low temperature seawater discharged by cooli...


Trane, First Shipment of Phase II RTWD Chillers from Taicang

The first two made-to -order units of Phase II RTWD chillers were shipped from Trane’s Taicang facility to a customer in Guangzhou, China on July 13. This shipment is a month earlier than the target date, and is the result from great teamwork between the product management, sales support, engineering, and global program management teams. After conducting in-depth studies of customer requirements,...


Hualiang: RMB 140 Million to Restart Electrolux’s Changsha P

Just as Electrolux closed down its plant in Changsha on February 6 of this year, Hualiang started to negotiate with Electrolux with an aim to purchase its Changsha plant. On May 14, the purchase agreement was finally signed by both parties. Hualiang estimated that RMB 140 million was needed to restart the Electrolux Plant in Changsha. It is known that Hualiang refrigerators have come into the thir...


Shanghai Inverter AC Promotion Alliance's Third Summit Held

Jointly hosted by the Shanghai Commercial Trade Association of Household Electric and Electronic Appliances, and the Shanghai Quality Supervision and Inspection Technology Institute, the Shanghai Inverter AC Promotion Alliance Summit Forum, themed ‘Inverter AC; its Fast Development,’ was held on June 25, 2009 in Shanghai.   Technical experts, marketing directors and sales executives from 15 l...


Johnson Controls Maintains Leading Position in China's Large

On June 30, Johnson Controls, supplier of one -stop building solutions, announced in Beijing that it has succeeded in accelerating its cooperation with China’s ultra-large airports. It will pay great attention to the development of tailor-make airport solutions, aiming to improve the operation efficiencies of the airport, provide customers high-quality services, and therefore make those airport wo...


Inverter ACs included by the Shanghai Energy-saving Products

On June 29, Shanghai released the detailed regulations on the implementation of ‘Energy-saving Products for Waste Management Projects,’ which had been put into effect on July 1. According to the official website of the Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission, 15 domestic and international brands, including 908 models, 114 of which are inverter ones, are included.   Leading chain...


Shanghai Highly Invests RMB 420 Million for Phase II Project

On May 22, 2009, the Board of Directors of Shanghai Highly (Group) passed the proposal on the construction of the phase II project of Nanchang Highly (the relocation of the SG series compressor production lines).To meet the home appliances to the countryside scheme and adapt to the new energy efficiency standards, the phase II project of Nanchang Highly focuses on the relocation and updating of th...


Suning to Buy 27.4% of Japan’s Laox

Chinese electronics retailer Suning announced on June 24 that it had signed an agreement with Japanese electronics retailer Laox to buy 66.67 million directed additional shares from the company at JPY 12 per share. This is the first time a Chinese retail company is acquiring a Japanese listed company, and is also the first time for a Chinese home appliances chain to enter the overseas market in su...


Sales Volume of Chinese Valves to reach RMB 6.7 Billion in 2

According to the No.11 Announcement of 2008 published by the National Development and Reform Commission, 351 new industry standards have been effective since July 1, 2008. Among them, there are 253 mechanical industry standards and 30 valve industry standards. Under the support of national policy, the valve industry has maintained a steady momentum of development for 2008 and 2009. It is predicted...

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