Gree’s Products Showcased in Pyongyang

From May 11 to 14, 2009, the 12th Pyongyang Spring International Commodities Trade Fair was held in Pyongyang, North Korea. This fair is the biggest of North Korea’s international trade conventions. C...


Chinese Heat Pump Water Heater Market in Fast Lane

Heat pump water heaters are an important sector of heat pump applications. In Japan, water heaters are widely used, and water heating accounts for about one-third of the home’s total energy consumption. In Europe, using outdoor heat pump units to replace boilers and at the same time continuing to use the existing floor heating systems has become popular in recent years. During the China Refrigerat...


Carrier Contributes to Energy-Efficient Shanghai 2010 World

With the approach of the Shanghai 2010 World Expo, to be held from May 1 to October 31, 2010, Carrier will be contributing its leading sustainable building solutions to this global event. Three of the...


Three Steps to Further Promote Environmental Protection

Since May 2009 the Chinese government has adopted two main policies to promote environmental protection in China. Together with the ongoing Home Appliances to the Countryside scheme, the three policie...



The development of Chinese chiller market in 2002 has the following features: Refrigerant replacement Based on the execution of London Amendment to the Montreal Protocol on phaseout of CFC refrigerants, Chinese government will also ratify the timetable specified in Copenhagen and Beijing Amendment to gradually phase out HCFC refrigerants. In September 2002 Chinese government officially announced t...


6. Taiwan

The domestic RAC/PAC market in Tawan is sized at about 700,000 ~900,000 units/year depending on weather and economy. The shipments in 2002 are estimated at about 780,000 units, up about 10% from 2001 result. In Taiwan, SARS became a serious problem from the beginning of May, being anticipated to greatly affect the nation’s economy as a whole. However, air conditioner sales in 2003 are already assu...


4. Hong Kong

Since the economic crisis in ‘97, there has been no full-scale increase in air conditioner demand. Especially in this year, the market recovery cannot be expected, since Hong Kong’s economy is anticipated to turn downward further due to the impact of SARS.The domestic demand was estimated at around 430,000 units in 2002, a drop of about 13% from the previous year. Demand in 2003 is predicted to sh...


3. China

In 2002 Chinese AC market became world’s largest, rivaling with the USA. Chinese AC market in 2002 is estimated at 12 million units, up by 12% over 2001. The split RAC type occupied 70%, split & single PACs 26% and window type 4%. The inverter type accounted for some 10%. Some highlighted points are:? Price war Excessive competition has been repeated every year under different conditions.? Ove...


Panasonic: Deeply Rooted in China & Rewarded with Remarkable

Over the last fifty years, Panasonic has become a world-famous air conditioner brand enjoying exten­sive popularity and a good reputation. The company has built three massive manufacturing bases: ...


2009 Turning Point for Inverter AC in China

The market penetration rate of inverter air con­ditioners is almost 100% in Japan, about 25% in Europe, only 7% in China, and almost zero in North and South America. None­theless, in 2009 sale...


China Chiller Market

The Chinese chiller market in 2003 has the following characteristics: SARS indulgency in wilful persecution Since November 2002, SARS had been tracked down in South and North China, and over 20 countries in the world, it even raged through some regions. The spread of SARS has raised a new problem for HVAC technology— the design of air handling units, the types of ACs for building, and the cleaning...