1.9.2 UAE

The economy of the UAE has maintained positive growth in recent years, with GDP around 4.5-5%. The global economic recovery has sustained high oil prices, which has given a boost to the oil-dependent economy. The country experiences a tropical desert climate with little rain and high temperatures year round.   The UAE has a high percentage of foreign resident workers, and income disparity in ...


1.9.1 Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the biggest HVAC market in the Middle Eastern region and holds large potential. Supported by its oil reserves, the Saudi Arabian economy recorded GDP growth of 6.8% in 2013.   Air...


1.9 Middle East

The Middle Eastern climate makes air conditioners a necessity, and the region’s air conditioner market holds great future promise. Even with political instability in several countries in the region in 2013, sales performance was still satisfactory.   Middle Eastern air conditioner market scale reached over 5.2 million units in 2013 to record year-onyear growth of 15.5%. The market differs gre...


1.8 Australia

The population continues to grow in Australia and interest rates remain low. Residential development is improving in New South Wales, and with generally hot summers and short, cold winters, Australia’...


1.7.2 Pakistan

Pakistan’s air conditioner demand in 2013 increased by 24% from the previous year to around 930,000 units.   Pakistan has a population of 180 million, ranking it sixth worldwide, and has enjoyed ...


1.7 Indian Subcontinent: 1.7.1 India

Despite its huge potential, the Indian air conditioner market did not expand in line with predictions in 2013 due to the depreciation of the Indian rupee and unseasonable weather. However, strong basi...


1.6.7 Myanmar

Myanmar shares a border with China and has been greatly influenced by the country. Trade between the two neighbors has been rising sharply in recent years.   Myanmar’s RAC market had a scale of only 200,000 units in 2013. With its economy posting solid growth, however, the market has future potential.   As with many other countries, Myanmar’s market is dominated by cost competitive produ...


1.6.6 The Philippines

The Philippine market is characterized by stable development with little fluctuation. Influenced by the U.S. air conditioner culture and home to an expanding middle class, the local market holds huge ...


1.6.5 Vietnam

Vietnam has a large youth population and a hot climate, creating ideal conditions for air conditioner market expansion. The air conditioner market in Vietnam reached 850,000units in 2013, marking 25% ...

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