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Modine to Showcase Building Connectivity at AHR Expo 2019

HVAC technology manufacturer Modine Mfg. Co. will showcase its Atherion Commercial Packaged Ventilation Unit, Airedale ClassMate Single Packaged Vertical Unit Ventilator and Effinity unit heater with ...


Mandatory National Standard for Air Cleaner Energy Efficienc

On November 19, ‘GB 36893-2018: Minimum allowable values of the energy efficiency and energy efficiency grades for air cleaners’, a national mandatory standard, was released by the State Administration for Market Regulation and the National Standardization Administration, and will come into effect on December 1, 2019.   This standard has regulated minimum allowable values of ene...


Clean Air Environment with Ventilation

Comfort air conditioning for people is the act of controlling the temperature, humidity, airflow, and cleanliness of air to create a high -quality indoor environment. Air conditioning for goods or obj...


ServiceTitan Integrates IAQ Measurement Tools

December 17, 2018 GLENDALE, Calif. — ServiceTitan announced the integration of AirAdvice for Homes™ reports, allowing heating and air conditioning service companies using ServiceTitan to automatically receive AirAdvice iIAQ reports in their ServiceTitan customer record.   “Over 94 percent of all homes have at least one IAQ problem,” said Don Aultman, CEO at AirAdvic...


Samsung Launches Commercial Ventilation Product Line – Fresh

On October 22, 2018, Samsung launched a ventilation product line, Fresh Access, designed to bring fresh air into commercial buildings. The addition of the ventilation product line will add to Samsung&...


Driving efficiency and cost effectiveness at a quick serve r

14 Nov 2018   Dominó Fuente de Soda -- Case Study   When Dominó Fuente de Soda was founded as a family-owned company in 1952, it started a culinary tradition that continues...


General Filters Inc. Acquires Second Wind Air Purifier

November 6, 2018 NOVI, Mich. — General Filters Inc., manufacturers of residential, whole-house Indoor Air Quality products and furnace oil filters, announces the recent acquisition of Second Wind Air Purifier Inc. and Second Wind Air Purifier Ltd., manufacturers of ultraviolet light air purifiers throughout North America located in Princeton, Ontario, Canada and Buffalo, New York.   ...


Daikin Releases Improved Humidifying Streamer Air Purifiers

On September 20, 2018, Daikin began selling humidifying streamer air purifiers, which harmonize with different spaces such as a living room and an individual room, thanks to the company’s obsess...


iAdaptAir: The Air Purifier Solution for Seasonal Residents,

31 October 2018 Air Oasis, a leading manufacturer of world-class IAQ products, recently introduced their iAdaptAir® series of portable air purifiers. Available in three sizes, the iAdaptAir is th...

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