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Danfoss Focuses on Data Centers

The information technology, telecommunications and data center markets already have a traditional quest for sustainability since these follow international standards that require energy saving and use...


LG Inverter AC Line Produced in Manaus

The LG Electronics inverters line announced last year is now produced entirely in Manaus. “In July 2011, LG launched the domestic production of the inverter line in its plant in Manaus, which enhanced...


Midea & Carrier’s New Factory in Brazil Starts Operations

In 2011, Midea and Carrier formed a joint venture for the manufacture and distribution of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) products in Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. Midea owns 51% of ...


Eluma Expands Solar Panel Plates

Brazil has increased the use of solar water heaters in homes, shops, and Social Interest Housing (HIS) in an effort to preserve the environment through the use of economical technologies and renewable energy sources.   To meet the demand of these buildings, Eluma is developing components for heating systems and solar heating. Its Solar Tube series consists of rigid and seamless tubes made of ...


Tecumseh Arrives in Sao Carlos

During a demonstration event of refrigeration products held for professionals held at Tecumseh Brazil in May, the company introduced Confortermica, located in Sao Carlos, Sao Paulo State, as an authorized distributor. “With this initiative, we intend to facilitate the attendance of the region’s mechanics, electricians, and installers, who can easily purchase our products through the distributor,” ...


Trisoft Receives SustentaX Seal

As a smart solution for thermal and acoustic treatment with technical and environmental performance, Isosoft and Isosoft floors use at least 40% recycled Pet plastic in their compositions, helping to reduce the environmental impact caused by plastic containers and increase social inclusion of plastic collectors. “The SustentaX Seal shows the civil construction market that you can build and develop...


Safira Invests in Renewable Energy Sources

Specializing in electricity trading, Safira Group has announced that it is negotiating with investment funds and foreign investors to construct renewable energy power plants, namely wind and solar, with power generation capacity between 30 and 400 MW, by 2013 in the strategic Northeast (wind and solar) and Midwest (solar) of Brazil.   Company director Mikio Kawai Jr. notes that the timing of ...


Mobility in Control of Acclimatized Environments

The Sitrad, Full Gauge Controls’ software for use in refrigeration, heating, air conditioning, and solar heating facilities, can now be accessed from anywhere in real time. The software continuously assesses, configures, and stores data on temperature, humidity, time, pressure, and voltage, allowing the operating parameters of the instruments to be safely and accurately modified from anywhere in t...


Johnson Controls Moves to Brasilia

Brasilia and the surrounding region have shown strong potential and offer increasing business opportunities in recent years arising from investments in infrastructure for the World Cup and Olympic Gam...

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