Daikin Jointly Offers a New risora custom style Service Menu

Daikin and Sangetsu are now jointly offering a service menu capable of reproducing the feel/pattern of materials such as wood, marble, and leather as a new option of ‘risora custom style’,...


Panasonic and Toyota to Establish JV for Town Development Bu

On May 9, 2019, Panasonic and Toyota concluded contracts aimed toward the establishment of a new joint venture (JV) related to the town development business. Both companies aim to merge the mobility services initiatives promoted by Toyota and the ‘lifestyle updates’ initiatives spearheaded by Panasonic through collaboration based on the establishment of the JV, thereby creating new val...


JATL Provides Appropriate Information on AC Performance

Now that demand for air conditioners is increasing throughout the world, the roll-out of high-efficiency air conditioners is very important in order to accelerate a reduction in CO2 emissions, that is...


2019 China Water Heater Industry Summit Held in Beijing

On April 25, 2019 the China Water Heater Industry Summit was held in Beijing. It focused on discussing how enterprises could explore the existing market and dig out more growth opportunities under a macro environment of stringent real estate industry controls when the traditional first- and second-tier markets have peaked. Macro controls on the real estate market in 2018 have impacted the water he...


Gree Serves the Confucius Institute in Jamaica

Recently, Gree won its bid for the Confucius Institute project in Jamaica. The Institute will boost the development of the Chinese language and culture. The Confucius Institute in Jamaica is located at the Monash Campus of the University of the West Indies in Kingston. The total construction area of this project is more than 2,400 m2. After construction is completed, this space will mainly be u...


Midea Deepens Communication to Build Products and Brand Valu

On April 30, Midea International Business (MIB) brand management and product management jointly held a practical marketing training session at Midea’s headquarters. This training session has been a traditional MIB program since 2016. Unlike previous marketing training, which was mainly for business marketing, this time MIB invited the Product Divison product planning and marketing departm...


Dorin CO2 Compressors Expanding in China

Growing demand for energy efficiency in China is increasing applications for suitable CO2 compressors. Dorin has been applying its experience and technology to its factories and R&D in its Chinese...


TICA Wins Jinan East Rail Yard Project

TICA won the Jinan East rail yard project with its offering of four units of ultra-low temperature air-cooled heat pump screw chillers. The Jinan East rail yard is undertaking the task of parking, ...


Hisense Holds VRF Seminar in Vietnam

Together with its core partners, Hisense held a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) seminar in Vietnam, introducing the Hisense brand, high-lighting new products, and reviewing technological trends. It wa...

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