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Date: Sep 10th, 2021, Volume 596
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1. Climate Neutral by 2050 with Future-proof Heat Pumps
JARN interviewed Johannes Brugmann, chair of the Heat Pump KEYMARK scheme and vice president of the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA), to hear about the contribution of heat pump technology to a greener and more sustainable future as well as the importance of certified quality products on the market.
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2. Investment Opportunity in India for Overseas AC Part Manufacturers
Industry body Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Manufacturers Association of India (RAMA) has invited component manufacturers worldwide to invest in setting up production facilities in India. In an exclusive message to the readers of JARN, RAMA has drawn their attention to the tremendous growth potential for the air conditioner business in India, which is small now but is poised for rapid growth over the next few years due to the under-penetrated market.
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3. Emerson Advances Sustainability for Commercial AC with New Scroll Solution
On August 5, 2021, Emerson announced the launch of its new Copeland 110 cc variable speed scroll compressor and 36 kW inverter drive solution. Both are manufactured in China and are available for global distribution. These new products are engineered to help save energy and provide environmentally friendly improvements for a broad range of commercial air-conditioning applications including chillers, data centers and package air conditioners.
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4. Chinese VRF Market Still Showing Solid Growth
Chinese variable refrigerant flow (VRF) market has seen recovery year after year. Compared with the Year-on-year high growth rate of over 100% in the first quarter, the VRF market saw rational performance in April. According to statistics from China IOL, commercial air conditioners saw a total sales value of RMB 11.88 billion (about US$ 1.83 billion) in April, 2021, indicating a 26.7% year-on-year growth rate. Among them, VRFs saw a sales value of RMB 6.88 billion (about US$ 1.06 billion), growing by 31.8% year-on-year, presenting the leading growth rate in the commercial air conditioner industry segment.
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5. Inoac, Expands Sales of Aluminum Refrigerant Pipes and Conic Joint
Inoac is a Japanese manufacturer for air conditioner’s tubes and fittings and they are expanding sales of aluminum refrigerant pipes and a flareless joint called Conic joint for split air conditioners. Inoac has sold more than 7 million meters of aluminum pipes so far, and sales are increasing year after year. The company has been focusing on Turkey and the European market, and now the aluminum pipes are attracting further attention from retailers or wholesalers who handle copper pipes.
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