Kaori’s asymmetric BPHE; Perfect choice for energy-efficient heat pump

The use of natural refrigerants has already been established as a criterion. The launch of Kaori B series is to ensure meeting the criteria of high efficiency, compact and asymmetric channel design. The heat pump system can be tailored for heating and cooling of domestic water, making the system climate-friendly and energy-efficient.  
KAORI B series will work very well as condenser and evaporator, so that the environmentally friendly heat pump can be created as a guide for the explosive global demand market.
Kaori’s B series heat exchanger comes with different sizes and models; B050, B075, B080 and B110. These different models efficiently cover heat pumps ranging from 3 to 35kW. B series offers higher thermal efficiency with its unique design, and reduces refrigerant charge at the same time. It is also suitable for various types of low GWP refrigerants, such as R290, R32 and other HFO Blends (R454B). It reduces the impact on global climate, making B series the top choice for all heat pump manufacturers.
Kaori will also display new products in the coming Chillventa 2022 this October, the booth number is 7-505 at Hall 7, we look forward to seeing you on Oct 11 – Oct 13. 

Midez CAC