Johnson Controls Introduces York Yes Series DC Inverter VRF

Johnson Controls introduced the York Yes Super and Slim series DC inverter VRF systems for commercial applications and the York Yes Mini series DC inverter VRF systems for residential applications. At...


2.8 Australia

The heat recovery VRF products with simultaneous cooling and heating functions are attracting much attention in Australia. VRF market scale in 2012 is estimated at 7,600 units.   The commercial building and construction sector is soft in Australia, mainly due to developers having issues with credit and funding. Australia has also experienced consecutive years of flooding, resulting in a downw...


2.7 Latin America: Chile

Because of the high cost of energy, the Chilean market focuses strongly on high-efficiency products for air conditioning solutions. Most offices and hotels in Chile are now being equipped with VRFs. The market is defined by solutions that provide cooling and heating functions simultaneously.   In Chile, the combined market size of VRF systems, unitary air conditioners, and chillers accounted ...

PR 2018.08.17

i-NX-Q: the new Climaveneta multi-purpose heat pump with inverter technology

Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems presents i-NX-Q. Climaveneta’s air source multi-purpose unit with scroll inverter compressors and cooling capacity from 43 to 151 kW. The logic of

2.7 Latin America: Brazil

Sales of VRF systems are rising sharply in Brazil, and its VRF market is estimated at 8,700 units in 2012. In the January?March quarter of 2013, VRF demand increased by more than 50% compared with the same period of 2012.   VRF trends include higher energy efficiency and smaller installation footprints. The average price of VRF systems is rising, as high-performance energy-saving models have ...


2.6 South Korea

On an outdoor unit basis, the size of the South Korean VRF market is estimated at over 63,000 units in 2012, almost the same level as the previous year.   Local manufacturers take 90% of the Kore...


2.5 India

In India, VRF systems are becoming increasingly popular among HVAC consultants and system designers and are eating away at the share of ducted split air conditioners as well as small-and medium-size c...


2.4 United States

The U.S. VRF market is one of the most watched in the world for its potential and its sharp growth. The industry is closely monitoring trends to see how the world’s largest mature air conditioner mark...


2.3 Japan

Japan’s VRF market in the first half of 2012 posted solid performance, aided by heat waves and government subsidies offered for electricity- and energy-saving products as well as demand for new construction projects and replacement of older air conditioning systems. Construction demand, however, fell off in the second half of the year and sales momentum was not sustained for store and office appli...


Market Trends by Country: Spain

Spain’s VRF market scale shrank to half the size of the previous year in 2012.   Mitsubishi Electric opened a training center for its air conditioning business in Barcelona in October 2012. The kickoff seminar took place in November on the topic of its latest product, the Hybrid City Multi VRF/chiller system.cialiscialislevitraorder generic levitraorder generic levitralevitra side effects nih...


Market Trends by Country: Germany

German VRF market scale came to nearly 9,800 units in 2012.   Through its distribution partner Alfred Kaut, Panasonic has been offering its customers a broader range of products such as FS Multi ...


Market Trends by Country: The United Kingdom

UK’s VRF market demand in 2012 increased by at least 13% compared with 2011. The UK’s VRF market is quite large, and replacement demand is expanding in particular. Products offering heat recovery are seen as key to winning higher market share in the country.   MHI intends to develop the VRF business in the United Kingdom as its core business. Toshiba Air Conditioning, a division of Toshiba Ca...

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