Fully robotic rotary parlors gain U.S. momentum

17 Jul 2018   GEA’s DairyProQ milking parlor is capable of milking up to 400 cows per hour with one operator.   The automated milking trend continues to tick upwards in the U.S. ...


GEA supplies ZLD plant for Abengoa in Mexico

16 Jul 2018 A zero liquid discharge (ZLD) wastewater treatment plant for a power plant in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, marks another success for GEA’s range of small ZLD systems. Abengoa S.A. ...


To build an ecosystem to empower the industry, Haier "raises

16-07-2018 On July 15, the netizen @ "野生豆嘟嘟" post a blog: "Every two out of ten high-end base cows in the country are from Haier. I used to think that you sell refrigerators and w...

PR 2018.07.22

i-NX-Q: the new Climaveneta multi-purpose heat pump with inverter technology

Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems presents i-NX-Q. Climaveneta’s air source multi-purpose unit with scroll inverter compressors and cooling capacity from 43 to 151 kW. The logic of

Global energy investment in 2017 fails to keep up with energ

17 July 2018 The electricity sector attracted the largest share of energy investments in 2017, sustained by robust spending on grids, exceeding the oil and gas industry for the second year in row, as...


Pricing trucks out of towns not the way forward

16th July 2018 London, UK: A coalition of road transport trade bodies says that clean air zones are unfairly targeting hauliers and that pricing trucks off the road is not the way to reduce emissions...


Moving floors for Culina

16th July 2018 Stoke-on-Trent, UK: Don-Bur has built a moving floor 13.7m long trailer for Great Bear (Culina) that loads in 4-minutes.   The 13.7m long tri-axles trailers are 4.74m high and p...


Solar powered trailer auxillaries

16th July 2018 Stoke-on-Trent, UK: Don-Bur, in partnership with DHL, is developing solar technology to power trailer lights and tail-lifts.   The system, called Trailar, draws solar energy fro...


Thermal Chicago champions efficiency, saving money while sta

July 13, 2018 Leveraging Demand Response helps an industrial facility efficiently provide chilled water to over 100 commercial high rise buildings   Thermal Chicago is an industrial facility t...


77 Wacker Drive leverages innovation to benefit tenants and

July 13, 2018 Architecturally, 77 West Wacker is a distinctive blend of traditional and contemporary. But everything about how the building is managed and operated is innovative and forward-thinking ...


Remeha appoints business development manager

July 13, 2018 Commercial heating solutions provider Remeha has appointed Ray Lloyd to the newly created role of business development manager for the Northern region.   Ray Lloyd, Remeha's ...


Company cuts energy bills, installs solar using San Francisc

July 13, 2018 Pier 1 is a prized destination for commercial office space in San Francisco because of its breathtaking waterfront views and prominent location. In 2000, Prologis renovated a former sug...


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