8. New Trends--8.1 JSRAE Seminar on Latest Technologies

On January 11, the Japan Society of Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (JSRAE) held a seminar on the latest component technologies for refrigeration and air conditioning equipment in Tokyo. ...


7.3 Taiwan

Hanbell Energy-efficient Solution ? Built-in VFD Screw Compressor and Other Innovations   Hanbell has been dedicated to the development of high-efficiency compressors with the company’s own techn...


7.2 India Compressor Situation

Reported by Hiru M. Jhangiani, HVAC&R Advisor India’s economy in 2011 went through a difficult situation because of slowing growth, stubborn inflation and a widening fiscal deficit. The original p...

PR 2018.08.17

i-NX-Q: the new Climaveneta multi-purpose heat pump with inverter technology

Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems presents i-NX-Q. Climaveneta’s air source multi-purpose unit with scroll inverter compressors and cooling capacity from 43 to 151 kW. The logic of

7. World Situations--7.1 Chinese Compressor Market

Although the growth rate decreased to some extent, the Chinese compressor market continued to expand in 2011.   Rotary Compressors   The total sales volume of rotary compressors in China was...


6. Reciprocating Compressors

Market Overview   Reciprocating compressors can be divided into hermetic, semi-hermetic, and open types. Hermetic types are mainly used in residential refrigerators and freezers, while semi-herme...


5. Centrifugal Compressors

Market Overview Most centrifugal compressors are made for chiller applications and are used by the manufacturers themselvesin their own chillers. Centrifugal compressors come in single-stage and multi...


4. Screw Compressors

Market Overview   A large proportion of screw compressors are used in medium- and highcapacity air conditioning systems such as water chillers and air-source heat pump chillers. Adopting screw co...


3. Scroll Compressors

Market Overview Scroll compressors can be used in a broad range of applications, including RACs, PACs, VRF systems, and chillers in the air conditioning sector as well as ATW heat pumps, freezers, and...


2. Rotary Compressors

Market Overview Rotary compressors can be divided into single rotary (0.5?5 kW) and twin rotary (2.2-45 kW) types. Rotary compressors are mainly used in RACs as well as PACs and ATW heat pumps. They a...


World Compressor Market --1. Compressor Market Overview

JARN estimates that the world air conditioner market (room air conditioner and packaged air conditioner) came to 100 million units in 2011, a year-onyear increase of 8%.   The Asian region as a w...


Bitzer Products at 2012 AHR Expo

14 February 2012 BITZER, a global leader in A/C and refrigeration compressor technology, unveiled a new booth design at this year’s AHR EXPO in Chicago and presented a variety of new Compressors and H...

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