Midea Wins the Bid for Mozambique International Airport

Midea won the bid for Mozambique Inter national Air por t Central Air Conditioners’ Project recently with the equipment amounting to more than US$ 1 million, becoming Midea’s first project exceeding US$ 1 million in the overseas market.   Mozambique Capital International Airport is the first international airport for the country. Midea’s Asia - Pacific Branch was accepted through continuous e...


Hitachi Wins Large Chillers in Dongguan

Dongguan is located in the middle of southern Guangdong province, northeast of the Pearl River Delta. It must be passed whether by land or by water between Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Hitachi Air Conditioning has gained a large market share here with its high-performance price ratio and the sales of all its series products are satisfying.The Conghua Production Base was put into production in 2006 and...


Samsung Compressors Now Offer 8 Years Warranties

Recently, Samsung released a service extension measure, meaning that the warranty period for full machine bodies is six years and the warranty period for compressors is eight years. This is an obvious indication that Samsung has decided to take after-sales service very seriously.It is known that Samsung’s Global R&D center and production plant in Suzhou, China is responsible for 90% of global ...


Chigo Holds Channel and Suppliers Meeting

Stepping into the new refrigeration year, Chigo, which was listed in Hong Kong, has taken a variety of actions. The first step was to hold a Core Dealers Meeting in Hangzhou on August 19. The second was to hold a Global Suppliers Meeting in Guangdong on October 26. The purpose was to look back on 2009 and plan for 2010.Channel Meeting: Strengthen Market Reaction Speed Consensus has been reached in...


A.O. Smith to Sell Residential Heat Pump Water Heaters

A.O. Smith has been developing residential heat pump water heaters for years. It is predicted that the company will release the product in the last quarter of 2009. The company announced the new water heater to be a high-end product, and all the components except the compressor of the new product will be produced by the company itself.cialiscialislevitraorder generic levitraorder generic levitrale...


Carrier Begins to Promote Digital Scroll Products in China

Sales representatives from Carrier went to the company’s headquarters in Shanghai to attend a training course for digital scroll chillers produced by the company. After the training, all the employees returned to their own offices to begin the promotion and sales of such products immediately.cialiscialislevitraorder generic levitraorder generic levitralevitra side effects nihlevitra side effects n...


Daikin Strengthens Market Development in Xinjiang Province

On September 1, Daikin and Greentown (Xinjiang) Company, a subsidiary of Greentown Group, signed a contract at Urumchi, the capital city of Xinjiang Province, on the strategic cooperation between the two companies. Fang Yuan, vice president of Daikin (China) Investment Company, Shen Guoguang, general manager of Greentown (Xinjiang), senior managers from the two companies, and some 100 reporters at...


Gree’s Dong Mingzhu among Top 50 Global Female CEOs

The Financial Times Top 50 Global Female CEOs was announced recently and Dong Mingzhu, the president of Gree was number 9.The appraisal criteria include not only the scale and importance of the elect’s enterprise, but more important is the influence made by the elect inside the enterprise and upon society and culture. Over the years, Dong Mingzhu has influenced the development of Chinese marketing...


Wolong Begins Producing DC Motors

Zhejiang Wolong began to produce DC motors for air conditioners starting in September, 2009. The designed production capacity at the beginning of production was 100,000 units a month, which will be increased according to demand in the future. The sample products have been tested by the company’s main customers to guarantee the quality of its newly developed products.cialiscialislevitraorder generi...


Welling Sees 12% Growth in Market Share

Welling Electric Motor Manufacturing Company saw big sales growth in 2009. According to the figures provided by ChinaIOL, from January to August, 2009, the company sold 28 million motors for air conditioners, accounting for 36.9% of the market, which is a 12% increase compared with the same period last year. One of the most important reasons for the sales growth of the company is that Midea purcha...