Toshiba Releases 3 Models of RACs for Cold Climates

On December 1, Toshiba Home Appliances released three models in its new DRN series of Daiseikai room air conditioners designed for cold regions.The new models feature the company’s original Dual compressor and can continuously operate at the industry’s lowest heating capacity of 0.2 kW (45 W power consumption). Standard inverter products are designed to operate intermittently when the room tempera...


Yukinobu Ikemoto, R&D Consultant

On October 3, 2010, Mr. Yukinobu Ikemoto passed away from illness at the age of 70.He dedicated more than 40 years of his life to improving refrigeration systems, contributing greatly to the commercial refrigeration industry in Japan and around the world.Mr. Ikemoto graduated from the Yokohama National University’s School of Engineering and joined Mitubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) in 1963. He was a...


Hitachi to Expand AC Sales in Overseas Markets

Hitachi Appliances is attempting to expand its air conditioner business in overseas markets by fiscal 2012 (end March 2013) by substantially increasing investments in its overseas production capacity ...


Daikin Europe Launches New Heat Pump System Nexura

Daikin Europe has released the Nexura air-to-air heat pump system for residential heating and cooling. The energy-efficient unit comes in a stylish white design and features a front panel that heats u...


Tokyo Sky Tree DHC Project

Tokyo Sky Tree, a digital broadcasting tower rising from the bank near the Sumidagawa River in Tokyo, will reach a height of 634 meters when completed. It will open in 2012.The Sky Tree project began ...


Sharp Releases New RACs with Plasmacluster Ion Technology

In stages from October, Panasonic began releasing new 5 refrigerator models with capacities ranging from 451 to 552 liters. The high-end NR-F555XV model can circulate clean chilled air throughout all refrigerator compartments treated with the company’s own ‘nano-e’ technology to meet increasing customer preferences for storing food in as clean an environment as possible. From mid-December, the com...


Hitachi Appliances Releases New Vacuum Chilled Refrigerators

Hitachi Appliances has recently released 8 models of large-capacity refrigerators in its ‘frost recycled cooling vacuum chilled W wide series,’ including model RA-6200 with a vacuum-chilled compartment that can accommodate about 1.5 times as much food compared with previous models while preventing oxidation of the stored food.The refrigerators use a small vacuum pump to remove air from the vacuum-...


Sharp Releases New Plasmacluster Refrigerators

In October and November, Sharp released 4 new models in its Plasmacluster refrigerator series capable of powerfully deodorizing the interior air by means of a newly developed Plasmacluster Ion (PCI) deodorizing and germ-removing system.The PCI deodorizing and germ-removing system monitors door opening and closing and stores the data in its memory. It then controls an ‘intelligent louver’ inside th...


Toshiba Home Appliances Releases New ‘Vegeta’ Refrigerators

Toshiba Home Appliances is releasing 4 new models in its ‘Vegeta’ series of home refrigerators capable of keeping vegetables fresh and delicious by means of ‘W (wide-range) twin cooling’ and germ removal.The new products’ ‘W twin cooling’ uses a PMV (pulse motor valve) for precision control of the refrigerant flow rate, while a new ‘pico ion’ unit almost triples the ‘pico ion’ discharge compared t...

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