BITZER delivers first new condenser produced at extended factory in Germany

BITZER delivers first new condenser produced at extended factory in Germany

Sindelfingen/Rottenburg-Hailfingen, 16.09.2019. After having acquired the Alfa Laval portfolio of shell and tube evaporators and condensers in April 2018, the specialist for refrigeration and air conditioning technology BITZER has been setting up its factory in Rottenburg-Hailfingen for this moment: The first new condenser produced there has been delivered to a customer.

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New Emerson Personalized Digital Experience Transforms Work Processes

The MyEmerson personalized digital experience connects people and technology to streamline work processes and enable better collaboration.

Ingersoll Rand Named to Dow Jones Sustainability Indices

For the ninth consecutive year, Ingersoll Rand (NYSE:IR), a world leader in creating comfortable, sustainable and efficient environments, has been named to the Dow Jones Sustainability World and North America Indices (DJSI). Continued placement on this index series showcases the company’s advances in integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices into the core of how the company is operated.

Danfoss is among Finland’s top industry striving to be global leader in utilizing data

The Intelligent Industry Ecosystem of top Finnish companies pursues growth through better utilization of data and AI, leading to tens of thousands of new jobs, saving energy and combatting climate change.

Research Project CoolFish to explore energy efficient cooling systems on board fishing vessels

CoolFish is a newly started Norwegian research project, which is scheduled to run for the next 4 years. The ambition of the project is to assist in the development of energy efficient and climate friendly systems for cooling, freezing and heating on board fishing vessels.

A shining outlook – with solutions from Wieland

Whether for protecting the input stock or the finished product itself or for optimising engineering properties, Wieland has the surface needed. Our knowhow covers both semifinished and finished parts.

Danfoss: Refrigerant Week 2019 starts today

In recent years, legislation around refrigerants has shifted significantly, affecting prices and availability all over the world. And the move to low-GWP (global warming potential) alternatives has only just begun.

Highlights: the 25th IIR Congress 2019 brings together over 850 delegates

The long awaited 25th IIR International Congress of Refrigeration (ICR 2019), and the world’s largest science and technical event covering all refrigeration technologies and applications, took place on August 24-30, 2019 in Montreal, Canada, and welcomed over 850 participants from 45 countries.

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Sizzling Heat Wave Has Little Impact on Global AC Demand

As in previous years, JARN recently interviewed major air conditioner manufacturers and related associations around the world. Based on these interviews, we prepared this report on the global air conditioner market in the first half of 2019 and are proud to share it with our global readers. First of all, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the professional stakeholders who have given great support and selfless dedication. We ask our readers to kindly point out any errors.

France Struck by Heat Wave and RAC Sales Surge in Europe

In recent years, Europe has been frequently experiencing scorching days in summer. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, Europe has been suffering from consecutive scorching hot days since the end of this June, and many parts of Europe have been struck by heat waves. On June 28, the temperature in town of Gallargues-le-Montueux in the Gard area in southern France hit 45.9℃, the hottest temperature ever recorded in France. Moreover, Germany, Poland, and Czech Republic experienced temperatures reaching 40℃ for several days in some areas, hitting record high temperatures in June for these regions.

Trade War Accelerates and Supply Chain Heads South

The intensifying trade war between the United States and China not only casts a shadow over the global economy, but also seriously impacts both the supply and demand sides of the air conditioning industry. Manufacturers, retailers, and consumers face pressure to share the 25% tariff increase. At the same time, the air conditioner supply chain has begun or is about to start changing.


TICA Accelerates International Strategy with Oil-free Technology from Smardt

TICA Climate Solutions is a China-based specialist in the clean environment and thermal energy sectors. In October 2018, TICA set up a joint venture (JV) company with Smardt, a Canada-based global leading oil-free centrifugal chiller manufacturer. JARN interviewed Jiang Li, president of TICA, and Roger Richmond-Smith, founder of Smardt, to hear about their strengths and synergies.

Mitsubishi Electric Grabs Opportunities Created by Evolving Compressor Business Environments

JARN interviewed Taro Kato, managing director and president of Siam Compressor Industry (SCI), a Thai-based compressor specialist within the Mitsubishi Electric group, to hear about its highlights at Bangkok RHVAC 2019 and Mitsubishi Electric group’s compressor business strategy.

JRAIA Promoting Safe Use and Recovery of Refrigerants

Japan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association (JRAIA) is marking its 70th anniversary. On this anniversary, JARN interviewed Tetsuji Okada, president, JRAIA, to hear about its activities focusing on refrigerants.


Sony Unveils Innerwear Fitted Cold/Heat-Transmitting Wearable Device

On July 22, Sony unveiled the ‘Reon Pocket,’ an innerwear fitted cold/ heat-transmitting wearable device. The Reon Pocket has been developed as a technology-aided wearable device that offers a new type of comfort to business persons who must work in suits in summer and other persons suffering from the intense heat.

Hoshizaki Starts Ice Maker Production in Brazil

Acos Macom Industria e Comercio, Hoshizaki’s subsidiary in Brazil, has started local production of an ice maker which had been imported in the past and sold by its group companies, from June 2019. In Brazil, customers often buy bagged ice at retail stores. As Macom has actively promoted the high quality of ice made by its ice makers, the adoption of ice makers has been increasing, mainly in major chain stores that are expanding their business in Brazil.

CHIGO Held the 2019 Domestic Merchants Conference

On September 5th, the CHIGO 2019 Merchants conference was held at the Poly Intercontinental Hotel in Qiandeng Lake, Foshan. More than two hundred dealers and media reporters from across the country gathered together to create a wholly new event! After a opening show,Mr.Cai Hanquan, Member of the Standing Committee and Executive Deputy of Nanhai District, Foshan City, said in his speech that the practical actions will be taken to support CHIGO and CHIGO brand!


Panasonic to Release Simply Constructed Green Aircon Flex

In late September 2019, Panasonic will start selling extremely fine mist-type cooling equipment called Green Aircon Flex, which can simply be installed on existing structures as a measure against severe summer heat outdoors. The Green Aircon Flex model sends out extremely fine dry-type mist called silky fine mist with a particle diameter of about 10 μm or less from a two-fluid nozzle, which is Panasonic’s original technology, and creates cool air via evaporative cooling.

Interclima to Be Held in Paris

Interclima, France’s air conditioning trade show, will be held from November 5 to 8, 2019 at Paris Nord Villepinte. Major themes of 2019 edition are Greener buildings: reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions; Growth in renewable energies:

Mitsubishi Electric Launches Zubadan Kirigamine RAC Series

In late September, Mitsubishi Electric will launch new Zubadan Kirigamine room air conditioners (RACs) designed for cold regions, which incorporate a ‘dual on defrost circuit’ that has made it possible for the first time in the world to maintain the temperature of the air leaving an indoor unit even during defrost operation. The new Zubadan Kirigamine RACs will comprise FD and ZD series with upgraded comfort, and will be available in 10 models.

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Fooma Japan 2019 Showcases Japan’s Technology for Japanese Visitors and Visitors from Abroad

From July 9 to 12, 2019 the International Food Machinery & Technology Exhibition (Fooma Japan 2019) was held at the Tokyo Big Sight. In all, 688 companies exhibited, and the four-day event attracted 100,680 visitors. Fooma Japan is Asia’s largest class comprehensive food trade show covering all food manufacturing processes centering on food machinery, ranging from raw material processing to manufacture and distribution.

CRH Expo 2019 in Shanghai—Continued from May Issue

CAREL—received an Innovation Product Award in the Refrigeration category at CHR 2019 for Hecu CO2. Hecu sistema is the CAREL high-efficiency solution for condensing units with BLDC compressors and natural refrigerants. The use of Hecu CO2 is expected to expand in China.

Japan IT Week Showcases Cutting-edge Technologies in 11 Fields

From May 8 to 10, Japan IT Week Spring was held at the Tokyo Big Sight. Japan IT Week Spring is Japan’s largest IT exposition consisting of 11 special expositions such as Data Center Expo, Software & Apps Development Expo, Big Data Management Expo, Data Storage Expo, Information Security Expo, and Cloud Computing Expo.

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