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Sanyo Focuses on VRF Air Conditioning Systems
Sanyo intends to concentrate even more energy on sales of its VRF air conditioning systems, centering on replacement units demand for which is expected to increase in particular. The new Super W Multi E system to be released this year has realized the industry’s top-class COP by adopting new vect.../images/up/News/201082910154055690.jpg
Samsung DVM Wins Bid for the 2010 Asian Games in China
Through thorough analysis, Samsung DVM (Digital Variable Multi) has been found to meet all kinds of special requirements for the Asian Games, a quadrennial multi-sport event in Asia, with its reliable scroll technology, high seasonal energy ratio, long-time stable operation, enhanced construction, a...
Purchasing Volume of VRF Systems Increases by 70%
The 7th issue of the Energy Efficiency Product Government Purchasing List has recently been released, and inverter products from 6 manufacturers, Hitachi, Sharp, Toshiba, LG, Aux and Sanyo, have been included in the list for the first time. Compared with the 6th issue of the energy efficiency list, .../images/up/News/20106291254938117.jpg
Panasonic Releases Mini-VRF FS Multi in the Global Arena
In February 2010 in Europe, Panasonic released its Mini-VRF systems so called FS Multi series. The company intends to expand their sales in the CIS, Oceania, Asia and Latin America where 50 Hz is specified.The FS Multi (Mini-VRF) was designed by Panasonic Air-Conditioning Division Headquarters in Ja.../images/up/News/201062917105474246.jpg
4. Other Topics: 4.1 VRF
VRF (variable refrigerant flow) systems has transformed the building air conditioning market since they debuted 28 years ago in 1982. Daikin was the first manufacturer to develop and introduce VRF systems, now in their 5th generation of development. In addition to Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric (Melco)...
LG Multi V III Debut on the European Market
In early 2010 LG established a goal to reach sales of US$ 10 billion by 2013. Its aggressive plan to achieve this includes the launch of a range of high performance and energy efficient products, many of which are bound for Europe and were unveiled at the recently held Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (M...
Samsung VRF Sweeps Residential Projects in India
The biggest air conditioned residential project in India till date, the DLF Park Place, Gurgaon, with 14,500 hp was awarded to Samsung, India in December 2009, amidst intense competition from inverter OEMs. Samsung’s DVM III VRF systems use the Copeland Scroll Digital with vapor injection technology...
Melco Enhances COPs of VRF AC Systems
From February, Mitsubishi Electric (Melco) began releasing new its standard type VRF air conditioning system City Multi Y E eco suitable for installation in new buildings. From April, the company also began releasing high COP type outdoor models having attained a cooling/heating average COP of over ...
Hitachi Appliances Unveils Total of 24 VRF Models
Starting in April, Hitachi Appliances will release a total of 24 models in its Flex Multi lineup of VRF air conditioners that simultaneously provide both heating and cooling, including the industry’s largest capacity of 54 hp. The Flex Multi series is being installed in an increasing number of of.../images/up/News/20104516595374235.jpg
Sanyo to Release Eco-i 6 VRF Series in Europe and Asia
Sanyo will begin sales of the Eco-I 6 series of outdoor units for high efficiency, large capacity VRF systems in European and Asian regions in the summer of 2010. The Eco-i 6 VRF series, comes in basic outdoor units from 8 to 20 hp. Through combinations of 7 models in 3 casings, 27 standard system c.../images/up/News/20104516483453111.jpg
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