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2.7 Latin America
The Latin American VRF market fell by 4.4% year on year, with market volume shrinking to 22,000 units. Heat pump types dominated the market, with weak demand for cooling-only VRF and heat recovery VRF. Water-cooled VRF systems accounted for about 10% of the market. Brazil maintained its position ...
2.6 Korea
The market for VRF systems in Korea has expanded along with rising demand for cooling more than one room per residence. A high-rise apartment construction boom has created demand for VRF systems for residential applications. Manufacturers have widened their VRF portfolios to accommodate this demand..../images/up/News/201652911104644925.jpg
2.5 India
VRF took a large share of commercial projects in India and demand in 2015 was estimated at 31,000 units, showing 20.8% year-on-year growth. Its most common application is multi-story residential buildings, followed by office buildings and hotels. The number of mini-VRF systems with a capacity of .../images/up/News/2016529112044625.jpg
2.4 United States
Almost all leading air conditioner manufacturers are keeping an eye on VRF market prospects in the United States. The U.S. VRF market amounted to 35,000 units in 2015, indicating a 8.6% growth rate. However, this growth fell short of expectations, partly owing to a reduced governmental budget for.../images/up/News/20165291058269796.jpg
2.3 Japan
Japan is the birthplace of VRF and has the second-largest market scale in the world after China. VRF shipments in 2015 are estimated at 127,000 units, a 5.2% decrease compared with 2014. Japan is a mature market, and Japanese companies are attempting to strengthen their leading position in the VR...
2.2 Europe
The European VRF market increased by 4.4% year on year, reaching 122,000 units in 2015. Turkey, the United Kingdom, and France are the top three markets in Europe, accounting for a combined market share of about 50%. Japanese manufacturers began selling VRF systems in Europe in the 1980s and succ.../images/up/News/201652910304310947.jpg
2.1 China
VRFs have maintained rapid growth in China over the past 10 years, but this growth has started to slow along with decelerated growth in the real estate sector. VRF is favored by design firms and real estate developers in China and has become the first choice for both government and private projects..../images/up/News/201652910214297942.jpg
2. World VRF Market
Just like other air conditioner products, VRF was impacted by the gloomy economy, presenting various degrees of stagnation or downturns in major markets. JARN estimates that the world market scale of electrically-driven VRF systems surpassed 1.2 million units in 2015 on an outdoor unit basis. The.../images/up/News/201652910142717743.jpg
CDL set to expand following appointment as CIAT distributor
23 MAY, 2016 Cool Designs Ltd has revealed ambitious plan to expand following its appointment as a distributor for CIAT products. Known for its technical expertise in VRF systems and split air conditioning, the established Toshiba distributor says the appointment opens up a vast new market in la...
R32 in VRVs and VRFs still 'years away' says Daikin
23 MAY, 2016 Daikin expert says they will not ‘rush into’ mildly flammable refrigerant in complex AC systems Daikin has moved to quell press speculation that it will imminently offer R32 in its VRV systems. Speaking at RAC’s F-Gas Question Time, Daikin UK legal specialist Graham Wright confir.../images/up/News/201652417575384701.jpg
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