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Fujitsu General to Launch VRF Systems in North America
Fujitsu General is entering the North American commercial air conditioning market this year. The company has announced that it will introduce new range of commercial models in the North American market. In the second half of 2011, the company will release VRF system models for office buildings and c.../images/up/News/2011221112123923.jpg
Inventor Releases New Range of VRF, Chillers and Fan Coils
Inventor recently released 2011 range of products including VRF, chillers and fan coils. The products from the new range are not only compact and competitive, but also low energy consumption efficient and high quality, translated into 5 years complete warranty. For more information visit their updat...
Toshiba Carrier to Launch VRF Systems in North America
In March 2010, Carrier began offering high efficiency duct-free split heat pumps with efficiency ratings up to 23 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) under the Toshiba-Carrier brand. As the next step, Toshiba Carrier will likely launch its new series of SMMSi VRF systems in the North American.../images/up/News/201113110184343377.jpg
Sanyo Releases New Industry-leading Eco-i 6 VRF System
2-way VRF Outdoor and 4-way Cassette and Wall-mounted Indoor UnitsSanyo introduced the Eco-i 6 series outdoor units for high efficiency, large capacity VRF systems in European and Asian regions in the summer of 2010.The company is now following the launch with a new 4-way cassette and wall-mounted i.../images/up/News/20111314431570892.jpg
Ningbo VRF Sales Stimulated by Real Estate Boom
Ningbo’s central air conditioning market has been experiencing rapid development with large projects during the recent years. VRF systems are the main-stream products in the market, taking more than 70% of market share. VRF projects worth RMB 10 million to 100 million (US$ 1.5 million to 15 milli.../images/up/News/201010291271332772.jpg
Midea Launches New Round of Production Expansion
At the end of August, Midea announced a plan to raise RMB 4.36 billion (US$ 650 million) through an offering of 350 million shares. The funds will be used for the expansion of six production lines, including air conditioners, compressors, and refrigerators. An investment contract signing ceremony.../images/up/News/2010102911581587944.jpg
Sanyo Focuses on VRF Air Conditioning Systems
Sanyo intends to concentrate even more energy on sales of its VRF air conditioning systems, centering on replacement units demand for which is expected to increase in particular. The new Super W Multi E system to be released this year has realized the industry’s top-class COP by adopting new vect.../images/up/News/201082910154055690.jpg
Samsung DVM Wins Bid for the 2010 Asian Games in China
Through thorough analysis, Samsung DVM (Digital Variable Multi) has been found to meet all kinds of special requirements for the Asian Games, a quadrennial multi-sport event in Asia, with its reliable scroll technology, high seasonal energy ratio, long-time stable operation, enhanced construction, a...
Purchasing Volume of VRF Systems Increases by 70%
The 7th issue of the Energy Efficiency Product Government Purchasing List has recently been released, and inverter products from 6 manufacturers, Hitachi, Sharp, Toshiba, LG, Aux and Sanyo, have been included in the list for the first time. Compared with the 6th issue of the energy efficiency list, .../images/up/News/20106291254938117.jpg
Panasonic Releases Mini-VRF FS Multi in the Global Arena
In February 2010 in Europe, Panasonic released its Mini-VRF systems so called FS Multi series. The company intends to expand their sales in the CIS, Oceania, Asia and Latin America where 50 Hz is specified.The FS Multi (Mini-VRF) was designed by Panasonic Air-Conditioning Division Headquarters in Ja.../images/up/News/201062917105474246.jpg
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