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Corona’s New Eco Cute for Hot Water and Standby Heating Has Higher APF
From April 1, 2017 onwards, Corona will be selling 18 new Eco Cute water heater models successively. Five models, including a high-grade type and a high-grade high-pressure type, have improved the energy-saving performance by raising the Annual Performance Factor (APF) for hot tap water supply and s...
Mitsubishi Electric Wins the Energy Conservation Grand Prize for Its PAC
Mitsubishi Electric won the Chair-man Prize of the Energy Conservation Center, Japan (ECCJ), the 2016 Energy Conservation Grand Prize for excellent energy conservation equipment in the Product/Business Model Category for its packaged air conditioner (PAC) Mr. Slim ZR series type P280. The Mr. Sli.../images/up/News/201732714471754626.jpg
Mayekawa to Release Sierra Air-cooled Chilled Package
Starting in spring 2017, Mayekawa will release the new air-cooled Sierra-A as the second in the series of natural refrigerant chilled packaged Sierra series using ammonia (NH3) as the primary refrigerant and liquefied carbon dioxide (CO2) as the secondary refrigerant for the domestic market. The .../images/up/News/201732714395680450.jpg
Hisense-Hitachi Holds 15th Dealer Conference
On February 5, Hisense-Hitachi held the 15th dealer conference in Shanghai, which was attended by more than 600 dealers from all over the country. During the conference, newly released 2017 products were presented in detail to the participants. New products that featured high efficiency and leading .../images/up/News/20173271483995103.jpg
VRFs Contribute to AC Market Growth in 2016
China’s central air conditioner market in 2016 is estimated to have reached RMB 75 billion (US$ 10 billion), a year-on-year increase of more than 10%. The increase was mainly attributed to variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems, which are included in central air conditioners in China, especially in.../images/up/News/201732713493489356.jpg
Toshiba President Visits Its VRF Factory in China
On February 16, Toshiba Group’s president Satoshi Tsunakawa visited the Toshiba Carrier production base in Hangzhou, China. It was the first time that the Toshiba Group president visited the Hangzhou factory since its establishment, which implied that the Toshiba Group is paying close attention to t.../images/up/News/201732713462919572.jpg
Gree Solar VRF Awarded Global First UL Certificate
On February 10, 2017, Gree North America held a ceremony for the launch of its solar variable refrigerant flow (VRF) products and award of global first UL certificate for solar VRF at La Concha hotel, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Over 100 representatives from Underwriter Laboratories (UL), Gree headquarte.../images/up/News/20173271338447872.jpg
Trane Releases Greenest New Generation Mini-VRF
Targeting high-end residences and light commercial applications, Trane released the Greenest, its new mini variable refrigerant flow (mini-VRF) system. Greenest features compressor and fan motors that have adopted DC inverter technology, which marks a milestone for the mini-VRF series products. Majo.../images/up/News/20173271232367477.jpg
Fujitsu General Enhances VRF Commercial Systems in the U.S.
Fujitsu General America has expanded its Airstage V-II Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) equipment line of VRF heat pumps, adding enhanced capabilities and operational efficiencies. The latest series now includes 6, 8, and 10 ton condensers, helping to reduce the number of condensers in certain config.../images/up/News/20173270482368911.jpg
Toshiba Launches Leading-edge Three-pipe Heat Recovery VRF
Toshiba has launched its latest cutting-edge three-pipe heat recovery variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system, the SHRM-e, achieving a world first of 8 ESEER, European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, in most capacities. Besides its high efficiency, SHRM-e brings improvements in terms of occupant co.../images/up/News/201732611503936090.jpg
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