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2017 New Commercial Heating Produc--LG
Model: LA180HYV2 Art Cool(TM) Premier heat pump Footprint (in inches): Outdoor: 13 (length) by 34 (width) by 32 (height); Indoor: 10 (length) by 43 (width) by 13 (height) Serviceability features: This series is compatible with the LG Smart Inverter monitoring system, which makes it easier for .../images/up/News/201710311425461462.jpg
2017 New Commercial Heating Produc--Hitachi
Hitachi Model: HVAHR192B42S SmartFlex(TM) VRF Gen II heat recovery system Footprint (in inches): 30 (length) by 64 (width) by 66 (height) Serviceability features: These systems need little maintenance beyond filter changes and coil cleaning. Removing a single panel on the outdoor unit provide.../images/up/News/201710311365880369.jpg
2017 New Commercial Heating Produc--Fujitsu
Fujitsu General America Inc. Model: System 9RLS3YH heat pump Footprint (in inches): 11 (length) by 37 (width) by 12 (height) Serviceability features: This heat pump features a self-diagnostic system with easy-to-read LED error codes that can be looked up in Fujitsu’s Mobile Technician app f.../images/up/News/201710311335374952.jpg
2017 New Commercial Heating Products--Daikin
Model: DAH Rebel(R) air handler, heating only Footprint (in inches): 95 (length) by 54 (width) by 41 (height) Serviceability features: MicroTech(R) III or Intelligent Systems(TM) controls solutions provide easy building automation system (BAS) integration, diagnostics, and serviceability. It a.../images/up/News/20171031130470570.jpg
2017 New Commercial Heating Products--Carrier
Model: 48/50LC WeatherExpert packaged VAV rooftop Footprint (in inches): 88-158 (length) by 59-86 (width) by 49-57 (height) Serviceability features: Full-sized panels feature handles and no-strip screw technology, which allow for easy unit access. Gas heat models use the exclusive IGC controll.../images/up/News/201710311162636425.jpg
2017 New Commercial Heating Products--Bryant
Model: 575J Legacy split system heat pump Footprint (in inches): 59 (length) by 46 (width) by 42-50 (height) Serviceability features: The Legacy Series has a similar design as other Bryant rooftops and split systems for easy familiarization. Units have controls for troubleshooting and diagnost.../images/up/News/20171031174082116.jpg
2017 New Commercial Heating Products--Bard
Model: I-TEC heat pump Footprint (in inches): 31 (length) by 47 (width) by 94 (height) Serviceability features: This heat pump is designed for over-the-window sill wall penetrations. A front and center control panel allows easy access to components. It features hinged, lockable, removable door.../images/up/News/201710310372072759.jpg
2017 New Commercial Heating Products--Allied Commercial
Model: K-Series high-efficiency heat pump or dual fuel, KHB and KDB Footprint (in inches): 83-101 (length) by 45-60 (width) by 37-47 (height) Serviceability features: Features include a slide-out blower compartment, hinged access panel, easily accessible gas compartment, and marked and color-c.../images/up/News/201710310321653690.jpg
2017 New Commercial Heating Products--Aaon
October 2, 2017 Model: H3 Series furnace Footprint (in inches): 111 (length) by 66 (width) by 27 (height) Serviceability features: This furnace has hinged component service access doors. The gas heater operating instruction label is located inside the heater cabinet. Its ignition device aut.../images/up/News/201710310274361807.jpg
15 examples of successful heat pump projects!
Sep. 27, 2017 | A brochure about large heat pump applications EHPA is proud to present our new publication on large heat pump applications in Europe Europe. The publication includes application examples of 15 projects that show how heat pumps can be efficient and effective in large projects. Ple.../images/up/News/20179281021372226.jpg
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