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A Norwegian project: Snow for the future
02/06/2017 In Norway, skiing is not only a sport, it is a centuries-old tradition. It is the reason why the Norwegian Ministry of Culture decided to offer the SINTEF research institute and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) a NOK 2.3 million grant (EUR 250.000) to develop a n.../images/up/News/20176611272650476.jpg
Keeping it cool under pressure: SkillFRIDGE qualifying heats underway
1 June 2017 The qualifying heats for the SkillFRIDGE 2017 competition are well underway, with apprentices and students studying up to Level 3 in the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump (RACHP) sector competing to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and unbounded potential in an exciting a.../images/up/News/2017631191442446.jpg
New SMART Equipment Controller from Johnson Controls now standard on company’s water-to-air water source heat pumps
Users can access the controller with any internet browser on any device, including desktop computers and mobile devices MILWAUKEE - (May 30, 2017) - New SMART Equipment Controllers (SEC) from Johnson Controls use a smart mobile device interface, giving contractors, engineers and building owners the.../images/up/News/20176223372229581.jpg
Addressing Poor Heat Pump Installations
May 29, 2017 Heat pump SEER ratings now reach well over 20, but if the equipment is not installed correctly, homeowners will not achieve anywhere near the level of energy efficiency (or comfort) they purchased. This is evidenced by a recent study from the National Institute of Standards and Technol.../images/up/News/201753018122889678.jpg
Heat Pumps for Today and Tomorrow
May 29, 2017 Central air-source heat pumps have become very popular in recent years as end users yearn to move away from fossil fuels and as technology has improved to a point where heat pumps can be used in a broader range of climates. Manufacturers are responding to the growing demand by offer.../images/up/News/20175301891549027.jpg
Ducted Mini Splits Offer Hidden Benefits
May 29, 2017 Ductless heat pumps have taken the U.S. by storm with sales increasing by double digits over the last few years. That momentum is expected to continue; however, not every homeowner wants to look at wall-mounted units in their living spaces. Enter the ducted mini-split heat pump, whi.../images/up/News/20175301865077005.jpg
As a means of rational and balanced energy utilization, gas is an indispensable energy source. Gas heat pump (GHP) technology is especially important for peak-trough electricity usage in summer. GHP is very useful in areas where power generation facilities and electricity transmission equipment are .../images/up/News/201752813181575853.jpg
Sharp to Release Residential Cell Modules
From June, 2017, Sharp will start selling four residential cell models including the JH -WBP54 compact cloud storage cell system for indoor use and the Blacksolar single crystal solar cell module which has attained a module conversion efficiency of 19.5%, the industry’s top class value. The JH-WB.../images/up/News/201752719503599031.jpg
Noritz Releases a Hybrid Water/Space Heating System for Condominiums
Starting in April 2017, Noritz began releasing its hybrid water/space heating system for condominiums. The new system has realized the industry’s highest level water heating primary energy efficiency of 145%. It has been added to the company’s existing lineup. In recent years, since energy consum.../images/up/News/201752719385621400.jpg
National Center Recognizes Hybrid Heat Pump Project
Fuxin Hongli New Energy Heating Supply and Dalian University of Technology cooperated on a hybrid heat pump project using ground-source and solar energy. This project was technically evaluated by a third-party scientific achievement evaluation center. The project utilizes hybrid heat pump technol.../images/up/News/20175271815560962.jpg
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