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Commercial Geothermal Still Finding a Receptive Audience
October 9, 2017 It’s not unusual for one to wake up with a headache on Jan. 1, but the headache that greeted the geothermal industry on Jan. 1, 2017, wasn’t caused by excessive late-night celebration. On that date, geothermal systems lost their 10 percent investment tax credit under Section 48 of t.../images/up/News/20171010114949373.jpg
Geothermal Service is Simple and Straightforward
October 9, 2017 While geothermal heat pumps may initially seem complicated to service or troubleshoot for some technicians, with the right training, they will find that these systems are similar to conventional air-source heat pumps. That’s the word from Josh McClendon, water-source heat pump produ.../images/up/News/201710100552721381.jpg
Expert meeting on hybrid heat pumps
05 Oct 2017 On the 5th of October 2017 experts on policy making, energy networks, heatpump manufacturers and reputed knowledge institutes from France, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands share the latest insights and knowledge on the implementation of hybrid heat pumps in do.../images/up/News/20171061183971762.jpg
Report backs heat pump replacement of commercial gas boilers
4 October, 2017 Consultancy group WSP says the UK is neglecting the long-term cost reduction and air quality potential of heat pump use in city planning Replacing gas boilers with heat pumps in commercial buildings could have significant longer-term economic and environmental benefits for UK cit.../images/up/News/2017106152594636.jpg
Welcome to the National Experts Meeting of the HPT TCP
2 October, 2017 Welcome to join us at the one-day National Experts meeting 2017 of HPT TCP (Technology Collaboration Programme of Heat Pumping Technologies)! The main focus of the meeting will be to find and develop new interesting annex ideas regarding heat pumping technologies, and ultimately .../images/up/News/201710411134645746.jpg
2017 New Commercial Heating Products--York
Model: Direct Fit(TM) XQE04-06 and XXEA7-12 standard efficiency, package heat pumps Footprint (in inches): 74-87 (length) by 49-62 (width) Serviceability features: Setup, optimization, and monitoring is easy with standard Smart Equipment controls -- a next-generation control system that offers.../images/up/News/201710311542050923.jpg
2017 New Commercial Heating Products--WaterFurnace
Model: Envision2 Series NXW chiller Footprint (in inches): 50 (length) by 24 (width) by 64 (height) Serviceability features: Heavy-duty, removable hinged access doors with latches simplify service. Optional factory-installed pressure gauges aid service and diagnostics without removing a panel....
2017 New Commercial Heating Products--Rheem
Model: Commercial Prestige(R) Series packaged heat pump, Renaissance line RHPDZT090AC*****A Footprint (in inches): 90 (length) by 60 (width) by 51 (height) Serviceability features: This heat pump includes several unique features, including a slide-out drain pan, slide-out blower assembly, chan.../images/up/News/201710311502770760.jpg
2017 New Commercial Heating Produc--Panasonic
Model: U-96MF2U94 heat pump Footprint (in inches): 39 (length) by 47 (width) by 73 (height) Serviceability features: Contractor accessibility has been enhanced by moving the control boards and wiring terminal to eye level. The height of this unit is designed to fit in a typical elevator for tr.../images/up/News/201710311482051508.jpg
2017 New Commercial Heating Produc--Mitsubishi Electric
Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating Model: CITY MULTI(R) S-Series (PUMY) heat pump Footprint (in inches): 13 (length) by 41 (width) by 53 (height) Serviceability features: The convenient front panel allows for easy access to its serviceable components. It features minimal or no ductwork.../images/up/News/201710311462222351.jpg
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