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Growing CO2 Heat Pump Water Heater Market
The market for air-source heat pump water heaters (or air-to-water heat pumps) using carbon dioxide (CO2 ) has been growing rapidly in only 3 years since the 1st system was developed in 2001. The home use central water heater market is said to be sized at 3.5 million units/year, with the majority sh...
Fujikoki Receives Invention Awards
"Fujikoki received the ?°Invention Advancement Award under Kanto District Invention Commendation?± for 2006 sponsored by the Japan Society for the Advancement of Inventions for its ?°Drain Pump for Air Conditioners,?± following the receipt of the ?°Invention Grand Prix?± in March 2006. On November ...
Robur Announces Gas Absorption Heat Pumps
"Robur will display its gas absorption heat pumps at the January AHR Expo in Chicago. This new generation of heaters and chiller-heaters, developed and perfected by Robur, provides cooling and/or heating from a single unit operating on natural or propane gas. A peak heating efficiency of higher tha...
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