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2017 New HVAC Residential Products--WaterFurnace
Model: 5 Series 500W11 single hydronic heat pump Footprint (in inches): 24 (length) by 20 (width) by 26 (height) Serviceability features: This single hydronic heat pump includes removable compressor access panels. Quick-attach wiring harnesses are used throughout for fast servicing. High- and low-.../images/up/News/20174191455485129.jpg
2017 New HVAC Residential Products--Mitsubishi Electric
Model: MXZ-8C60NA multi-zone heat pump Footprint (in inches): 13 (length) by 41 (width) by 52 (height) Serviceability features: The coils in this multi-zone heat pump are cleanable, like other standard outdoor units. Contractors and installers can troubleshoot the system from the control boards an.../images/up/News/201741913533314499.jpg
2017 New HVAC Residential Products--LG Electronics
Model: Multi V S (ARUB060GSS4) heat pump Footprint (in inches): 13 (length) by 37 (width) by 54 (height) Serviceability features: This heat pump’s outdoor unit is easy to service and requires little maintenance. Technical support: Support is available 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central time, Monday to Frid.../images/up/News/201741913434952514.jpg
2017 New HVAC Residential Products--Lennox
Model: MS8Z multi-zone mini-split heat pump Footprint (in inches): 16 (length) by 35 (width) by 28 (height) Serviceability features: This mini-split heat pump offers leak detection and diagnostics. Technical support: Support is available 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern time at 800-953-6669. Technical s.../images/up/News/201741913412388377.jpg
2017 New HVAC Residential Products--Halcyon
Model: System 9RLS3Y heat pump Footprint (in inches): 10 (length) by 37 (width) by 11 (height) Serviceability features: This heat pump includes a self-diagnostic system with easy-to-read LED error codes, which can be looked up in Fujitsu’s Mobile Technician app for step-by-step troubleshooting. Th.../images/up/News/201741913373112324.jpg
2017 New HVAC Residential Products--Haier
Model: FlexFit Pro heat pump Footprint (in inches): 52 (length) by 14 (width) by 37 (height) Serviceability features: The heat pump provides exceptional cooling and heating experiences under a wide temperature range from low ambient cooling at 0°F to low ambient heating at minus 4°. It has multipl.../images/up/News/201741913344288576.jpg
2017 New HVAC Residential Products--Bosch
Model: Climate 5000 mini-split heat pumps Footprint (in inches): 52 (length) by 37 (width) by 16 (height) Serviceability features: This mini-split heat pump’s indoor air handler is simple to access, and its filters are easy to clean and maintain. The system comes equipped with a self-cleaning mode.../images/up/News/201741912453027584.jpg
2017 New HVAC Residential Products--Bard
Model: GeoTec geothermal heat pump Footprint (in inches): 26-27 (length) by 27-32 (width) by 48-55 (height) Serviceability features: A high-efficiency, two-stage step capacity scroll compressor; R-410A green refrigerant; and variable-speed electronically commutated motor (ECM) provide exceptional .../images/up/News/201741912324729508.jpg
2017 New HVAC Residential Products--Arcoaire
Model: HS024-060 split system geothermal heat pump Footprint (in inches): 27-33 (length) by 24-27 (width) by 22-23 (height) Serviceability features: This geothermal heat pump is available with four durable loop systems to choose from. It includes multiple access panels, easily accessible compone.../images/up/News/201741912274246500.jpg
2017 New HVAC Residential Products--Amana
Model: ASXC18 air conditioner Footprint (in inches): 35 (length) by 35 (width) by 38 (height) Serviceability features: Expanded ComfortAlert(TM) diagnostics are built in to this air conditioner. The unit may be setup using two low-voltage wires to the outdoor unit. Features include diagnostic indic.../images/up/News/201741912185893178.jpg
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