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Key Components and Parts: 3.4 Refrigerants Lubricants
Arkema Arkema has been focusing on new low-GWP refrigerant development to get ready for stricter environmental standards coming into force in the coming years. The company has developed Forane 1234yf, which has a GWP of 4, to replace HFC-234a in automotive air conditioning applications. Arkema.../images/up/News/200910201350092133.jpg
Key Components and Parts: 3.3 Motors
ACC Appliances Components Companies was established in 2002 with the aim of manufacturing components for household and industrial appliances. The development of the Group began with the acquisition of three electric motor manufacturing units from a consolidated appliances producer, and was streng.../images/up/News/2009108014538102.jpg
2.4 The United States
Department of Energy (DOE) is preparing to establish an Energy Star residential water heater program. Besides, DOE is currently offering US$ 10 billion in loan guarantees for projects involving energy efficiency, renewable energy, and advanced transmission and distribution. The agency is seeking pro...
2.5 Other Regions
In Australia, ATW heat pumps are commonly installed in hot sanitary water and the retrofitting segment. The quantity of ATW heat pumps tend to increase over time due to new regulations and laws in the domestic energy sector, forcing people to modernize dwellings by using renewable energies. In 2008,.../images/up/News/200993017562880796.jpg
2.3 China
Energy shortages stimulated the heat pump market in China. As a result, the Chinese government has been paying great attention to sustainable development and the use of renewable energy over the past few years. For example, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Construction of China jointly re...
2.2 Japan
Japan’s market for residential-use water heaters, including instantaneous gas/oil water heaters and bath boilers (excluding electric water heaters) is sized at about 3.8 million units in total (2008). These are mainly city- or LP-gas fired units, with oil-fired units forming the minority. Instantane...
2. World Heat Pump Market-2.1 Europe
Legislations Policies on Energy-saving and Environment Protection The EU is always endeavoring to achieve better energy savings and environmental protection. European and national legislation that promotes renewable energy, coupled with regulation for energy-efficient buildings and financial inc...
1. Heat Pumps Overview
Heat pump technology is gaining momentum in different world regions, as soaring energy prices and pressing climate concerns have brought about a rethinking in both developed and developing countries on how to make heating and cooling more sustainable while at the same time energy-efficient. Heat pum...
Tangshan: to Start Largest Domestic Seawater Source Heat Pump Project
On June 23, the Tangshan Seaport Economic and Development Zone of Hebei Province announced that the largest heat pump heat supply project, which makes use of the low temperature and low altitude of seawater, will be located there. The losses of the municipal heat supply will be solved after producti...
Midea Enters Heating Market in Europe
Midea Commercial Air-Conditioning Division (MCAC), with its 25 years of experience in heat pump technology, has entered the heating market with full ranges of sanitary water, space heating and pool/spa heat pump and heat recovery products. By offering more than 16 million residential and commercial ...
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