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Heat Pump Trends in Germany
Latest figures from the trade association BWP show a total 51,000 heat pump units sold in Germany in 2010 – a fall of 7% compared with 2009. The trend is now away from the previously popular geothermal installations in favour of air-to-water solutions, the main reasons being their lower first cost a...
New Ammonia Heat Pump
A new line in fuel-fired absorption heat pumps using the ammonia-to-water cycle is being produced by FireChill in the United Kingdom. Covering a range of 35 to 100 kW output the units can be used with air or ground coils as the source and operate with an EER of around 1.5. Applications are seen in t...
Heat Pump in Europe
In spite of the overall market setback in 2009, the long-term growth trend for heat pumps in Europe is upwards, says a report from the IEA Heat Pump Centre (Sweden). For the nine countries analyzed the total installation rate was 525,000 units in 2009. New housing construction continues to be main t...
Carrier Announces ‘Breakthrough Efficiency’ for New Air-Source Heat Pump
February 17, 2011 INDIANAPOLIS — Carrier Corp. has announced the development of a new air-source heat pump that the company says will have the highest heating efficiency available on the market when it is released this summer. The new technology used in this advanced heat pump is known as Carrier? .../images/up/News/2011319324280073.jpg
World-famous sustainable technology centre installs Sanyo CO2 heat pump system
The Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) has installed a state-of-the-art Sanyo air-source, carbon dioxide-based heat pump as part of its sustainable technology programme. The centre, based at Machynlleth, in Wales, will use the Sanyo system to demonstrate the latest heat pump technology in actio.../images/up/News/201122312475039646.jpg
LG heat pump named best in heating category at AHR Expo innovation awards
SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) February 1, 2011 -- V2 InjectionTM technology from LG Electronics is to be awarded in the Heating category for its significant contribution to the company’s Air-to-Water Heat Pump (AWHP). The awards are presented annually to the most innovative HVACR (Heating, Ventilating, Ai.../images/up/News/201121710264939874.jpg
Heat Pump DHW Evaluated
When the new French energy in buildings regulations (RT 2012) comes into force it may well mean the end of direct electric heating and hot water supply systems in new buildings. Thermodynamic or solar energy sources may the only acceptable alternatives. A study by the research association Costic on ...
Noise from Heat Pumps
The increasing number of complaints and court cases about external noise from heat pump units in France has led the industry body AFPAC to create a special commission to investigate the problem. The commission is supported by the government risks directive DGPR and the national noise prevention coun...
Italian heat pump/chiller co. Hidros Spa moves into UK market
2 February 2011R22 Heat Pump and Air Conditioner Condensers are in Stock.Italian company Hidros Spa has established a UK based sales and technical supportoperation for their heat pump, chiller and dehumidifier products. The UK is seen as one of the most important markets for their products, aimed.../images/up/News/2011251149385659.jpg
Heat Pump Water Heater Booms in Guangdong Province
Guangdong Province has become the most important production base and the largest consumption market of air-towater heat pump water heater systems (ATW) in China at present. Currently, there are about 197 ATW factories in this province, 67 of which are in Guangzhou, 51 in Foshan, and 26 in Dongguan. .../images/up/News/2011131311087219.jpg
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