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GMCC Facilitates Rotary Compressor Factory Automation
China-based rotary compressor giant Guangdong Meizhi Compressor Company (GMCC) is accelerating its factory automation. Its lean production system includes automatic designs such as integration of vision and robots, automatic transportation, die- casting, and detection. Thanks to the combination of t.../images/up/News/201732713303561168.jpg
Dorin 4.0 - Innovation of Process
The year 2016 was very interesting for Dorin as it worked to guarantee its partners a better product. Many stages of production were redesigned and improved according to the latest procedural criteria. ? Among many successful operations, the most interesting and important, from a partner and an en...
Emerson’s New Business Structure Increases Breadth and Depth of Its Expertise
During the 2017 AHR Expo held from January 30 to February 1, JARN interviewed Robert T. Sharp, executive president, Commercial and Residential Solutions, to hear about Emerson’s new business platform, key markets, cold chain business, and new refrigerants, among others. JARN (J): First of all, co.../images/up/News/201732623312853517.jpg
Emerson Presents A Comprehensive Offering of Integrated Retail Solutions
Emerson presented at EuroShop 2017 a comprehensive offering of integrated retail solutions for the entire cold chain. Dedicated to drive progress with business excellence and innovative technology, Emerson’s tailored solutions ensure flexibility and optimization of the retailers’ store design and bu.../images/up/News/20173262322458740.jpg
Bitzer Shows New Ecoline Compressors & Ecostar Condensing Units
At the EuroShop, Bitzer showed its innovative Ecoline+ reciprocating compressors and Ecostar condensing units. The Ecoline+ reciprocating compressor series for transcritical CO2 applications is a milestone in the use of the environmentally friendly refrigerant which has been especially de-signed .../images/up/News/201732623162026470.jpg
Emerson Announces Next Generation Copeland Scroll Two-stage Compressor
Emerson announced the latest generation of its Copeland Scroll two-stage compressor at the 2017 AHR Expo. The new compressor includes an expansion in the capacity range up to 10 hp and offers comfort and efficiency at an affordable price. The Copeland Scroll two-stage compressor has been redesigned .../images/up/News/20173251931447578.jpg
SCI Unveils Large-size Scroll Compressor
Siam Compressor Industry (SCI) has developed a large- size scroll compressor model with a capacity of 20 hp, which was on display in the booth of Mitsubishi Electric, SCI’s parent company, at the 2017 AHR Expo. One 20 hp scroll compressor unit is sufficient to operate air conditioning equipment whic.../images/up/News/201732518444351268.jpg
Bitzer to Show New Ecostar Condensing Units
Simple to operate, individually adjust-able - the compressor specialist Bitzer has introduced the LHV5E series to expand its selection of air-cooled condensing units, which will be displayed at the CRH 2017. The state-of-the-art, low noise device complements the range of Ecostar condensing units for.../images/up/News/20173251272247007.jpg
Hanbell to Showcase Its Advanced Compressors
Hanbell, an expert in compressor manufacturing, is going to show its advanced compressors for comfort air conditioning, refrigeration, and high- temperature heat pumps at the CRH 2017. Hanbell’s technology is designed to address various types of needs in the market. In comfort air conditioning ap.../images/up/News/2017325121262282.jpg
GEA: Heat pumps will become ‘standard’ in Germany
Mar. 21, 2017 Michael Nagler, business development manager for CO2 applications at GEA, believes that new regulation in Germany will drive the market. “Heat pumps will become standard” domestic HVACR solutions due to new German regulations governing the use of fossil fuels in boilers, accordin.../images/up/News/201732418281219299.jpg
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