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Fujian Snowman targets North American market
6 April 2017 Fujian Snowman, a Chinese manufacturer of industrial and commercial refrigeration systems and equipment, is entering the North American market with a slew of high-efficiency compressors designed for natural refrigerants. “We’re selling compressors to get started in North America,” s.../images/up/News/20174810141082968.jpg
Emerson focus on the future of retail
6 APR 2017 USA: Emerson’s next E360 webinar will focus on the future of retail and food service and include an insight on the market by markets’ expert Euromonitor International. Entitled Retail and Foodservice 2025: The Future for Customers, Operators and Facilities, the webinar is designed to .../images/up/News/2017481044713772.jpg
Danfoss Strenghtens Oil-Free Technology and Production Capability
During AHR Expo held in Las Vegas from January 30 to February 1 2017, JARN interviewed Ricardo Schneider, president of Danfoss Turbocor Compressors, in order to gain an insight into the company’s latest developments, with a focus on magnetic bearing oil-free centrifugal compressors. JARN (J): We .../images/up/News/2017330153577616.jpg
Huayi Launched New Models
Huayi Compressor Barcelona with its brand Cubigel Compressors is the commercial refrigeration division of Huayi the world leading hermetic compressor manufacturer. The light commercial refrigeration market is facing several challenges, in Europe the F-gas regulation that will ban the use of hydro.../images/up/News/2017330105455520.jpg
Embraco Provides Innovative Solutions and Technology for Refrigeration
Multinational focused on innovation, present in more than 80 countries and a global reference in the refrigeration market, Embraco has been using natural refrigerants such as R290 in its compressor portfolio in commercial applications for more than 20 years. R290 is a solution to minimize negative e.../images/up/News/20173300563792491.jpg
Dorin CO2 Compressors
Dorin, one of the CO2 compressors technology leaders globally, has completed the qualification process of the world’s largest class CO2 transcritical compressors models. Several original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have strongly inquired for larger CO2 compressors capacities than the ones actuall.../images/up/News/20173300531290109.jpg
Secop’s Strategies to Reduce HFCs
As early as the 1990’s Secop has already begun to develop compressor solutions using environmentallyfriendly refrigerants such as propane (R290) and isobutane (R600a). The various regulations around the world, to reduce hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) which has been in process for years, have supported.../images/up/News/20173300423351092.jpg
JCH Strengthens Its Compressor Business
Established as a joint venture between Johnson Controls and Hitachi Appliances, Johnson Controls Hitachi Air Conditioning (JCH) celebrated its 1st anniversary on October 1, 2016. Through close RD collaboration between Johnson Controls and Hitachi group, JCH intends to continuously develop the wor.../images/up/News/20173300403212277.jpg
Emerson Next Generation Copeland Scroll Compressors for Large Commercial ACs
As the world’s leading compressor manufacturer, Emerson is committed to investing in innovations that help customers improve system efficiency while lowing the impact on environment. In response to the challenges and opportunities of chiller market as well as amendments to Montreal Protocol on Subst.../images/up/News/20173300372619723.jpg
Danfoss New Solutions for Chillers and Rooftops
In 2016 and 2017, Danfoss releases new versatile products for improving efficiency and reduce global warming potential (GWP) in air conditioning chillers and rooftop units, and extends its fixed-speed and inver ter compressor range ranging from 3 to 350 ton for air conditioning systems. The range.../images/up/News/20173300351142953.jpg
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