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Bitzer buys organic Rankine cycle business
31 JAN 2017 USA: ElectraTherm, a supplier of organic Rankine cycle power generators, has announced its acquisition by the US subsidiary of German compressor manufacturer Bitzer. Incorporated in 2005 and headquartered in Reno, Nevada, ElectraTherm is a leader in small-scale waste heat recovery..../images/up/News/20172319384543955.jpg
Tecumseh Reinvesting in Core to Get ‘Back in the Game’
Jan 30, 2017 LAS VEGAS - Tecumseh president and CEO, Doug Murdock, says the company is “back in the game” thanks to investments it has made and continues to make in its core products: fractional horsepower compressors. At a press conference, Murdock said that over a period of time Tecumseh got.../images/up/News/2017211641969952.jpg
Secop Going Ahead with HC Compressors
-- Interview with Mogens Soholm At Chillventa 2016, Secop debuted the DLV, NLV, and SLVE series of variable speed compressors with propane (R290) refrigerant for light commercial applications, along with the global launch of the upgraded edition of the legendary SC platform. The new SLVE compres.../images/up/News/20172112155680648.jpg
Highly Produces 200 Millionth Compressor for ACs in India
On December 8, 2016, Highly India announced the release of its 200 millionth air conditioning compressor at the global conference held in Gujarat, India, where its manufacturing base is located. At the same time, it announced the completion of the fourth phase of the Indian factory construction. The.../images/up/News/201713012484618507.jpg
The Emerson Cup 2016 Awards
The Emerson Cup is a prestigious HVACR industry competition in India. The ninth Emerson Cup Awards presentation was held on October 7, 2016 in Mumbai. There were four award categories - New Project/System, Retrofit Project/System, Cold Chain Project/ Product, and Product Innovation in Air Conditi.../images/up/News/201712922491729765.jpg
Next Generation Copeland Scroll(R) Two-Stage Compressor Addresses Needs for Affordable Comfort
Compressor to be launched at AHR Expo in Las Vegas Sidney, Ohio, January 26, 2017 - Emerson (NYSE: EMR) announced the latest generation of its Copeland Scroll? two-stage compressor at AHR Expo in Las Vegas. The new compressor will include an expansion in the capacity range up to 10 HP and will of.../images/up/News/201712818135850042.jpg
Refrigeration: New Compressor Regs Begin Soon
January 25, 2017 In two months, the Department of Energy’s (DOE) mandate for a 30-50 percent reduction (on average) in energy consumption on new stand-alone commercial refrigeration equipment, as measured in kWh per day, will take effect. Efficiency is evaluated on the system as a whole, including:.../images/up/News/20171271626963867.jpg
Danfoss: AHR Twitter Q&A with Jon Holloway
On January 25th, 2016 Strategic Director, Jon Holloway, joined our digital marketing team to discuss AHR Expo and the topics that will arise throughout the trade show. The QA took place exclusively on Twitter via @Danfoss_US and @hollojay accounts. These transcripts display the discussed topics of t.../images/up/News/201712716114773894.jpg
Emerson announces next generation hermetics
25 JAN 2017 USA: Emerson has announced the launch of higher efficiency fractional horse power hermetic compressors for low, medium and high temperature applications. Designed for R134a and R404A as the primary refrigerants, Emerson is also qualifying these compressors for the A1 non -flammable l.../images/up/News/201712618372880673.jpg
Bitzer Publishes an Update for its best Service Tool
Sindelfingen, 20.01.2017. The compressor specialist BITZER is presenting the latest update to its electronics service tool (BEST software). Refrigeration and service engineers can quickly and easily operate all BITZER IQ products from their PC using the BEST software. The BEST software provides u.../images/up/News/201712618351429243.jpg
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