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Briefing of Compressors Today (Types and Applications)
There are three types of compressors for air conditioning and refrigeration applications in India today, judging by the number of compressors manufactured or sold in India they are reciprocating, scroll and screw – in that order. The hermetic recip is the one manufactured in the millions and used in...
Daikin to Increase Compressor Production in Thailand
Daikin Industries intends to expand the production of compressors as a core component of air conditioners (ACs) in Thailand by the coming autumn. By investing ¥2,400 million in total, the company reinforces the production lines of the local factory to 1.5 million units/year, or 1.6 times as much as ...
Rotary Compressors Are Replacing Recips In The Residential Units
Rotary compressors are taking more and more OEM applications in the Middle East, replacing reciprocating compressors. Rotaries have replaced now over the 500,000 annual recip business in this region. The severe competition in the window units and mini-split applications has compelled the local OEMs ...
Screw Compressors and Chillers popular in India
Screw compressors first came on the scene in India, in the refrigeration field, exactly as they did in the rest of the world. Frick India imported the first screw compressor block from Frick USA in 1980, packaged it in India by manufacturing and assembling the oil separator, oil cooler, piping, elec...
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