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DunAn Microstaq Introduces Production Level MEMS Based High Capacity Modular Silicon Expansion Valve
(AUSTIN, TX - January 30, 2017) - DunAn Microstaq, Inc. (DMQ) will be introducing the production version of its High Capacity Modular Silicon Expansion Valve (HC-MSEV) in January 2017. Samples will be featured at the company show booth (#N9531) at the 2017 AHR EXPO. From the prototype launch in M.../images/up/News/2017216293347592.jpg
Danfoss: Engineering a cool luxury supermarket
31 JANUARY 2017 As part of the luxury shopping mall Paseo La Galeria, Danfoss has supplied a refrigeration control system for the supermarket “Superseis”, and systems management for better energy efficiency in the food refrigeration application. For this installation, Danfoss has been working wi.../images/up/News/201723054930642.jpg
Frese launches new interactive animation for PICVs and new guide for dynamic valves
January 31, 2017 Frese is pleased to announce the launch of a new interactive animation for PICVs and a new application guide for dynamic valves. The new animation allows users to interact with the Frese OPTIMA Compact PICV, demonstrating how the valve is set to limit the flow rate, how it respo.../images/up/News/2017230475833894.jpg
Armstrong Fluid Technology Zeros in on Living Performance
January 31, 2017 LAS VEGAS - Armstrong Fluid Technology discussed several new products and a desire to enter the building performance management sector during an evening press conference that brought the first day of the 2017 AHR Expo to a close. Neil Cooper, director of global sales enablem.../images/up/News/2017230455028735.jpg
Rehau Reveals EVERLOC+ Compression-sleeve Fitting System
January 31, 2017 LAS VEGAS - Touted as a top-secret announcement for weeks, Rehau revealed the goods Monday morning with the introduction of its EVERLOC+ compression-sleeve fitting system. The unit, which is designed for use in hot and cold water potable piping systems and hydronic piping syste.../images/up/News/2017230434534740.jpg
R-22 Phasedown Presents Opportunity
Jan 30, 2017The supply of R-22 is dwindling. Back in October 2014, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced its final phasedown schedule regarding the production and importation of HCFC-22. The order called for an immediate drop from 51 million pounds allowed in 2014 to 22 million po.../images/up/News/20172116172798287.jpg
TCS Basys Launch Party
Jan 30, 2017 LAS VEGAS - TCS Basys Controls held a Launch Party for its UbiquiSTAT thermostat Monday night during the AHR Expo. The company expected between 80 and 100 people during its event, held on the 25th floor suite of The Flamingo Hotel and Casino. “It’s our first BACnet product that we.../images/up/News/2017211665740510.jpg
Lux Rolls Out the Latest in Smart Thermostats
Jan 30, 2017 LAS VEGAS - On Monday, Jan. 30, Lux Products unveiled its latest thermostats, highlighting the GEOx, GEOz, and KONO smart thermostats at a media breakfast. Lux’s KONO means “inviting” according to president of Lux Products, Robert Munin, and its unique look and appeal shows why. The KO...
MTH Develops Commercial Refrigeration Condensing Units Using CO2
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems (MTH), which is part of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group, has developed HCCV1001 nonfluorocarbon commercial refrigeration condensing units that use the natural refrigerant CO2 (R744). By utilizing its wide range of advanced air conditioning and .../images/up/News/20172114244356879.jpg
Latest Trends in Global Refrigerant Regulations
- Continued from the December Issue Trends in the Developing Countries Because Japanese manufacturers lead the variable refrigerant flow (VRF) market, R410A has been universally adopted as a refrigerant for VRF systems in both developing and developed countries. Regulation of air conditioners usin...
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