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More experts sign up to discuss new refrigerants
5 March 2012 HFO pioneers join retailers and industrial experts to take part in agenda-setting debate A top panel of experts will be discussing the next generation of refrigerants at RAC’s free debate on April 26. Asda’s Brian Churchyard and Morrisons’ Colin Coe will join refrigeration heads .../images/up/News/20123720113494819.jpg
Improved function module for Danfoss ICM / ICS valve
05 March 2012 The popular Danfoss ICM / ICS modular valve concept has a newly improved function module - the ready-made insert key to determining the capacity of the valve. It is now possible to exchange the wearing parts, instead of the whole module, a welcome change made in response to customer re.../images/up/News/201231117551846541.jpg
Ceiling-mount air conditioner
The CMW30 ceiling-mount air conditioner by MovinCool is designed for areas with dense heat loads. 03/02/2012 The CMW30 ceiling-mount air conditioner by MovinCool is designed for server rooms and other applications with dense heat loads, but where a MovinCool air-cooled model cannot be used due to .../images/up/News/20123619131428035.jpg
New solutions from Belimo
02 March 2012 The HVAC industry and building owners continue to ask for solutions that increase building energy efficiency and meet green building design requirements.Belimo strives to solve these challenges with new actuator and valve solutions that both reduce installation time and most important...
GD Copper to Build Copper Tube Plants in Alabama
According to the news report, a U.S. state-level agency signed an agreement with Henan Golden Dragon Precise Copper Tube (GD Copper) recently. In this agreement, GD Copper will build a copper tube plant in Wilcox County, Alabama, the United States. This project will involve an investment of US$ 1.../images/up/News/20123518595053885.jpg
Elta Fans launches website
2 March 2012 Elta Fans Building Services has announced the launch of eltaselect.com. The website brings together the company’s range of fans and associated ventilation products on the market, including the recently launched range of 17 new products. Featuring Elta Fans’ stocked range availabl.../images/up/News/20123518401913003.jpg
Henan Yuanquan to Build Production Lines of Electronic Expansion Valves
On January 16, 2012, Henan Yuanquan Electron started the operation of their reversing-valve production line. After Yuanquan Electron completed the production line of 4-way reversing refrigeration valves and closing valves, it immediately invested RMB 500 million to expand the electronic expansion .../images/up/News/2012341152056429.jpg
China’s Copper Production Increases by 14% to 5.18 Million Tons in 2011
According to the statistics published by China’s National Bureau of Statistics on January 17, 2012, the 2011 production of refined copper reached 5.18 million tons, or 14.2% growth from 2010. As revealed from these statistics, the increase in production capacity was due to the higher production targ.../images/up/News/2012341112313339.jpg
What's in the Air
February 2012 A brief glance at the latest trends in cooling technology and coil design show a more intensified focus on energy efficiency and comfort. Nearly 110 years have passed since the first installation of air conditioning in 1902. Although Thermodynamics is widely considered a complete sci.../images/up/News/2012331754977084.jpg
CO2 plate freezing can reduce freezing times by 25-50 %
29 February 2012 After ten years of experience in the field of CO2 plate freezing for use in onshore and marine installations, Danish manufacturer DSI concludes and demonstrates that CO2 is the most promising refrigerant when quick freezing is necessary to maintain the freshness of the product. Thi.../images/up/News/20123219273469441.jpg
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