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Testo Begins Refrigeration Spring Campaign
Apr 14, 2017 Users will see the benefits and importance of checking AC/R systems with the hoseless and wireless Smart Probe Refrigeration kit as well as a full system service offered by our Smart Digital Manifolds. Testo, Inc. announces their 2017 Refrigeration Spring Campaign. This campaign bui.../images/up/News/201741712551174310.jpg
Chemours’ Opteon Low GWP Refrigerant Selected for High-Efficiency Chillers
Apr 14, 2017 ・ Opteon XP10 offers more than 55 percent lower GWP, while maintaining comparable properties and performance. ・ Dunham-Bush is featuring its new high efficiency DCLCG chiller designed for Opteon XP10 in its exhibit at the China Refrigeration Show in Shanghai. The Chemours Co. selec.../images/up/News/201741712385213313.jpg
Facility Executive features district cooling collaboration between UMASS & SWEP BPHEs
April 14, 2017 Our BPHEs (brazed plate heat exchangers) were recently highlighted in a very successful district cooling application on the University of Massachusetts Medical campus in the $400 million-dollar state of the art Albert Sherman Center. The article was written by PJ Qvarnstrom (Consu.../images/up/News/20174151540884546.jpg
SWEP is awarded a contribution from Klimatklivet
April 13, 2017 Klimatklivet - a climate support program in Skane, Sweden was launched in 2015 by the Swedish government to help fund climate friendly projects. This year, a total of 22 companies have been awarded financial contributions. A total of 220 million Krona has been distributed to variou.../images/up/News/201741515325878522.jpg
Pietro Rossato is the new Group Chief Operations Officer
13/04/2017 Starting 3 April 2017, Pietro Rossato has joined the CAREL group as Chief Operations Officer (COO). A native of Vicenza, 45, Pietro Rossato graduated in electronic engineering at the University of Padova, and over his career has had several different experiences at Italian companies a.../images/up/News/201741423515572234.jpg
CPD programme highlights benefits of copper
12 April 2017 Conex Banninger, the manufacturer of plumbing fittings and valves, has introduced a new CPD programme highlighting the advantages of copper as a fitting material. As well as showcasing its performance benefits, the programme includes an update on current codes of practice and expla.../images/up/News/201741423171062702.jpg
Codes and Standards for low-GWP Refrigerants
Apr 12, 2017 ・ The regulatory train may have slowed in Washington, but the move to new refrigerants continues. As I write this, President Trump is signing an executive order to roll back the Obama Climate Initiative. Will this change of policy mean that the HVACR industry’s move to new, low-GWP re...
Pakistan customs seize 7 tonnes of R22
11 APR 2017 PAKISTAN: Customs officers in Peshawar are reported to have seized nearly 7 tonnes of smuggled R22 refrigerant. According to the independent newspaper Customs Today, 490 13.6kg cylinders of R22 was found amongst other contraband goods in three suspicious trucks stopped in Peshawar. ...
A Look Inside One Hydronic/HVAC Pro’s Tool Bag - Part 2
April 10, 2017 Speed, reliability, and consistency are some key ingredients for the success of any business owner. My guys and I must do our best, all the time, to build these attributes into the work we do. But, of course, we also need to depend on our carefully chosen tools in much the same way. .../images/up/News/201741023501613115.jpg
The Need for Speed
April 10, 2017 Despite advancements in refrigerant recovery technology over the last 25 years, it remains one of the most time-consuming steps in servicing an air conditioning or refrigeration system. This can make it tempting to “skip” the recovery process for a technician on a tight schedule. How.../images/up/News/20174102342147401.jpg
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