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2.11 Australia
According to BSRIA, Australia’s chiller market size in 2015 was US$ 78.4 million, a sharp decrease from 2014. By chiller type, the centrifugal chiller segment accounted for slightly less than half of the market at US$ 36.4 million. Reciprocating, screw, and scroll chillers came to US$ 40.7 mil-lion,.../images/up/News/201611279583867548.jpg
2.10.3 Argentina
Argentine total chiller market scale decreased by 15.1%, down to US$ 11.1 million in 2015 over the previous year, recorded a sharp decrease for the second consecutive year. Partially a reflection of the small size of the market, centrifugal chiller market scale marked a largest year-on-year decrease.../images/up/News/201611279173585527.jpg
2.10.2 Mexico
Mexico became the largest chiller market in Latin America in 2015, overtaking Brazil. Its market scale in 2015 increased by 9.0% over 2014, up to US$ 100.7 million. The reciprocating chiller segment dropped, while all other types of chillers showed stable growth. The screw chiller segment approached.../images/up/News/2016113021514932400.jpg
2.10.1 Brazil
The Brazilian economy has slumped and is faced with severe depreciation, leading to stagnation of construction for many large projects. Reflecting such a situation, chiller demand in Brazil was US$ 72.5 mil-lion in 2015, a sharp decrease of 59.2% over the previous year. All chiller segments recor.../images/up/News/20161127924213288.jpg
Trane to Supply Chillers for Shanghai Stock Exchange Data Center
Capitalizing on strong product performance and reliable solutions, Trane will supply 22 units of Cen- TraVac centrifugal water-cooled chillers to the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s Jinqiao data center. This order consists of ten 1,400-ton units and 12 800-ton units. The data center has eight cooling room.../images/up/News/20161127194472163.jpg
Gree Chillers Win in Three Nuclear Power Projects
Gree large capacity air-cooled screw chillers for nuclear power plants will be installed in the pressurized water reactor projects of SNPTC, a leading Chinese GEN III nuclear power technology developer, in Lufeng, Sanmen, and Haiyang. This is Gree’s third win of a nuclear power plant project. In .../images/up/News/20161127035636298.jpg
Shenling ACs to Be Installed at Solar Power Plant in Morocco
Shenling air conditioners have won a solar power plant project in Morocco. The Noor Ouarzazate Solar Complex is being developed as the largest tower type solar thermal power plant in the world. The desert environment is known for large temperature differences between day and night, aeolian erosio.../images/up/News/2016112623331946054.jpg
LG Offers Absorption Chillers to Shandong Haihua Group
LG provided absorption heat pump chillers to the phase-one retrofit project for Shandong Haihua Group. Located at Weifang City, Shandong Haihua Group is a key marine chemical production and export base in China. Shandong Haihua Group LG high efficient absorption heat pump chillers and airside prod.../images/up/News/2016112623241653921.jpg
Climaveneta on the Top of the New Hadid Tower in Milan
Several Climaveneta air conditioning units have just been installed at the Hadid Tower, which is under construction in the city center of Milan, Italy. The Hadid Tower is 170 meters high and is composed of 44 floors. The total volume consists of a 39 floors of the office building, which is on top of.../images/up/News/2016112623151736846.jpg
Johnson Controls Introduces Low-GWP Chiller Offerings with R513A
Johnson Controls (JCI) has extended its portfolio of York chillers to include two key product families that use the refrigerant alternative R513A, the York YVWA water-cooled screw chiller and the York YMC2 magnetic bearing water-cooled centrifugal chiller, covering a broad range from 433 to 3,516 kW.../images/up/News/201611260593123695.jpg
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