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2. Regional Reports: 2.4 Europe
Report by Alan Field based on the latest BSRIA survey The total value of the market for the major seven countries covered in the BSRIA survey is expected to be around 1.70 billion in the current year 2010. This compares with 1.83 billion in 2009 and shows that the world recession continues to im.../images/up/News/20101211051074073.jpg
2. Regional Reports: 2.3 Japan
Economy Following on the heels of the Lehman Brothers’ collapse, which sent shockwaves through Japan, the Japanese economy got off to a rough start in 2009. On December 25, 2009, the government released its projections of Japan’s gross domestic product (GDP) for fiscal 2009 (end March 2010). T.../images/up/News/20101210321684326.jpg
2. Regional Reports: 2.2 China
After experiencing a decrease in the first quarter of 2009, sales in the Chinese chiller industry began to increase from the second quarter. During the last quarter of 2009, the sales even began to increase compared with the same season in 2008. Nevertheless, considering shipments for the whole year.../images/up/News/2010113023495477146.jpg
2. Regional Reports: 2.1 The United States
Overview 2009 Economy According to the IMF World Economic Outlook Update, U.S. output decreased by 2.4% in 2009. The U.S. construction industry has been hit particularly hard by the recession. The collapse of the residential new construction market and the lack of consumer financing have slamm.../images/up/News/2010113023102834900.jpg
World Chiller and Large AC Market: 1. The 2009 Overview
This special edition covers market data on three types of air conditioning equipment. First, chillers, including reciprocating, scroll and screw chillers (positive replacement chillers), centrifugal chillers, and absorption chillers; second, airside equipment, including air handling units (AHUs) and.../images/up/News/201011302323115334.jpg
Sakura Develops Effective Mini Solar Absorption Chiller
It has been a long time dream for modern science to develop an effective solar air conditioner system. Many scientists and institutes are involved in the development of an air conditioner that operated on solar energy. Sakura is proud to announce its newly developed ‘Mini solar absorption chiller.’ .../images/up/News/2010113015502367448.jpg
Gree Awarded Big Orders on Centrifugal Chillers
Recently, Gree’s centrifugal water chillers won the public bidding of Jiangnan Xinyuan III Project in Guangzhou. It is another big order for Gree’s centrifugal water chillers after it won the projects of Hebei Zhengtou Holdings, Hefei Central Hospital and Hunan Grand Theatre. It is also the first bi.../images/up/News/2010113011535686512.jpg
Guests from Iran Visit Shuangliang
Mr. Mahrooz, senior advisor of the Electricity Ministry of Iran, and Mr. Nasrollah, the general manager of OTC, one of the biggest power plants in Iran, visited Shuangliang on August 4. Liu Guoyin, board member of Shuangliang, and Jie Lianshan, general manager of Shuangliang Eco-energy, accompanied .../images/up/News/2010113011385274792.jpg
Johnson Controls to Supply 15,000 RT Chillers for T2 Mumbai Airport
Johnson Controls has been selected for the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of York chillers for the new integrated Terminal 2 building at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) in Mumbai, one of India’s busiest airports. The project involves 6 numbers of 2,500 RT capaci.../images/up/News/2010112920121832410.jpg
Mumbai to Add Two Iconic Towers to Its Sky Line
The financial and commercial hub of India, Mumbai with a population of about 14 million, has a very old history going back to the days of the East India Company before being taken over by the British government. At that time it was a fishing village consisting of seven islands and in 1838 all these ...
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