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AREA Bulletin - Issue 2012/01 out now

Jun. 27, 2012 AREA, The European association of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump (RAHPC) contractors, has published its June 2012 Bulletin. This Issue contains, amongst others, articles on the F-Gas review, the training on low GWP refrigerants and Ecodesign.   Table of content: ? F-Gas review in the finishing line ? F-Gas: company certification for in-house services ? Training on...


Guangdong Takes 70% of Air-source Water Heater Market in Chi

On May 3, it was announced by some industry experts that the air-source water heater has maintained strong growth in recent years. The air-source industry is now enjoying its growing phase, facing bot...


Jiangsu Province Releases GSHP Management Regulation

To develop and utilize water resources in a reasonable manner, and to promote the healthy and orderly development of the ground-source heat pump system, the ‘Jiangsu Province Ground-source Heat Pump System Water Extraction Allowance and Water Resources Fees Charge Management Method’ was jointly released by the Jiangsu Province Water Conservatory Department, Commodity Price Bureau, and the Housing ...

PR 2018.05.25

i-NX-Q: the new Climaveneta multi-purpose heat pump with inverter technology

Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems presents i-NX-Q. Climaveneta’s air source multi-purpose unit with scroll inverter compressors and cooling capacity from 43 to 151 kW. The logic of

Chongqing WSHP Passes Assessment

The Chongqing-led National 11th Five-year Science and Technology Pillar Plan for the ‘Yangtse River Upriver Surface Water-source Heat Pump System High Efficient Application Key Technology Research and Demonstration’ project has passed the assessment from experts of the science and technology department. The success of this project will further promote the application of heat pump systems in people...


HPA 'seriously concerned' about RHI announcement

25 - June - 2012 Heat Pump Association has expressed its concern following the DECC’s announcement about funding and cost control for the current (2012/13) Non Domestic RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) on 11 June. The announcement by Minister for Climate Change, Greg Barker, outlined the Government’s response to a consultation on interim cost control for the RHI. He said that a stand-by budget mana...


Trane Launches R410A Water- /Ground-source Heat Pump System

Trane (Ingersoll Rand) has launched its R410A water-/ground-source heat pump system (WPWE) in Asia for use in commercial buildings, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, shops, luxury apartments and villas....


Heat Pump Trends in France

Most air-to-air heat pumps sold in France are installed in existing buildings rather than in new construction which favors air-to-water systems. Airto-air systems are most popular in the south of the country where, because of the relatively mild climate, space heating tends to rely on electric radiators rather than gas boiler systems. An incentive to switch these systems to heat pumps will be the ...


Do Heat Pumps Have a Future in the UK?

This was the theme of a debate in the pages of the magazine ACR Today which concluded that basically it was a question of cost. People have to be persuaded that the heat pump is worth the price premium compared with the conventional domestic heating solution using gas boilers. The problem that the industry faces is clear from the sales figures: 2 million condensing gas boilers sold last year but o...


IES Adds HVAC Enhancements to Virtual Environment Building A

21 June 2012 BOSTON -- Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES), a provider of integrated performance analysis software and consulting services for sustainable building design and operation, has announced new HVAC enhancements to its VE-Pro building performance simulation software. The ApacheHVAC module includes expanded waterside capabilities, allowing users to model a broad range of equipment co...


REECL Facility provides loans for heat pumps in Bulgaria!

Jun. 20, 2012 To help Bulgarian households reduce their energy bills and consumption the European Commission, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the Bulgarian Energy Efficiency Agency have developed a ? 40 million Residential Energy Efficiency Credit (REECL) Facility to provide credit lines to reputable Bulgarian banks to make loans to householders and Associations of Home O...


EHPA 'underwhelmed' by European energy saving moves

19 - June - 2012 An agreement has been reached on the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), part of the European Union’s effort to reach a target of 20 per cent of primary energy savings by 2020.  However, the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) is unimpressed. It said: "Although a deal on the Directive is positive, its ambition and proposed measures are underwhelming." And, it added: "As a ...

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Daikin Factory in Vietnam Opening Ceremony

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