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TCL Product Launch in Chile
In a vibrant but solemn atmosphere, a TCL product launch took place in Metropolitan Park in Chile. Over 200 VIP customers and large retailers such as Walmart, Falabella, Paris, etc. took part in this milestone event, which was hosted by Diego Saroka from RV CL. Enrique Jurkowski, president of RV, as.../images/up/News/2016122411231665035.jpg
3.3 Brazil
Reported by Eng. Luciano Marcato, President of the National Department of Central Air Conditioning ABRAVA, National Manager for Daikin Brazil Brazil saw a sharp 30% decrease in chiller demand in 2015 compared with 2014 due to the current economic and political crisis. The total chiller market con...
2.10.3 Argentina
Argentine total chiller market scale decreased by 15.1%, down to US$ 11.1 million in 2015 over the previous year, recorded a sharp decrease for the second consecutive year. Partially a reflection of the small size of the market, centrifugal chiller market scale marked a largest year-on-year decrease.../images/up/News/201611279173585527.jpg
2.10.2 Mexico
Mexico became the largest chiller market in Latin America in 2015, overtaking Brazil. Its market scale in 2015 increased by 9.0% over 2014, up to US$ 100.7 million. The reciprocating chiller segment dropped, while all other types of chillers showed stable growth. The screw chiller segment approached.../images/up/News/2016113021514932400.jpg
2.10.1 Brazil
The Brazilian economy has slumped and is faced with severe depreciation, leading to stagnation of construction for many large projects. Reflecting such a situation, chiller demand in Brazil was US$ 72.5 mil-lion in 2015, a sharp decrease of 59.2% over the previous year. All chiller segments recor.../images/up/News/20161127924213288.jpg
Polipex Launches Polipex- Inverter
Polipex in Santa Catarina has developed high-performance foam to thermally insulate pipes, thus enabling temperatures to be maintained at 120°C. HVACR professionals can now use Polipex-Inverter in these facilities, with excellent performance and the benefit of a lower cost. Ideal for applications.../images/up/News/2016112521361134236.jpg
Chemours Announces New President in Brazil
Chemours appointed Mauricio Xavier as the new president of the company in Brazil. He will be in charge of the strategy and expansion of the Brazilian unit, replacing Antonio Mori, who is retiring after 30 years at DuPont/Chemours. Mr. Xavier has been working in Chemours since 1988, when he began .../images/up/News/201611252134186660.jpg
Transcalor Appoints New Manager of Precision AC Division
Transcalor, a Brazilian chiller manufacturer, appointed as commercial manager of Precision Division Walter Altieri, who has just completed a year in the company as commercial manager of the Air Conditioning Division. Mr. Altieri commented, “The special equipment segment for data centers is growin.../images/up/News/2016112521313984738.jpg
Airsys Brazil Opens Office in Sao Paulo
Airsys Brazil, a subsidiary of Airsys Refrigeration Engineering Technology (Beijing), opened an office in Sao Paulo this year. It is its first office in the country and will serve Brazil and the rest of Latin America as well. Airsys is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of precision air con...
Danfoss Symposium
The first Danfoss symposium on trends in energy efficiency and sustainability for supermarkets was held on August 16 at Association of Sao Paulo Supermarkets (AOAS) in Sao Paulo. About 150 people attended the event. According to Joan Ordonez, sales director of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Dan.../images/up/News/201611252125718496.jpg
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