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Corona Unveils New Ecodan Onpu Hot Water Heating System
In early August 2017, Corona began selling a remodeled Corona Ecodan Onpu heat pump type hot water heating system. The design of its indoor unit is now stylish, and the new model also features a new control panel. In addition, by incorporating a direct current (DC) motor, electric power consumption .../images/up/News/20178290293012319.jpg
Sanden Supplies Daimler with CO2 Compressors for Passenger Cars
Sanden Automotive Components, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sanden Holdings, announced on July 7, 2017, that it has recently completed the development and industrialization of compressors for automotive air conditioning applying CO2 refrigerant. The company started supplying Daimler with the world’s .../images/up/News/20178290272511434.jpg
Rinnai Unveils Eco Cute New Model
To its lineup of residential hybrid water/space Eco One heating systems that combine electricity and gas, Rinnai recently added a 160-liter tank unit model that has realized the industry’s highest water heating primary energy efficiency of 156%, and released it from August 2017. The newly added opti.../images/up/News/2017829091119357.jpg
Mitsubishi Electric Completes Its 2nd FA Development Center
On July 12, Mitsubishi Electric completed its second FA Development Center, a building for factory automation (FA) equipment/unit de-sign and development that has been constructed within Nagoya Works in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. By starting its operation step by step, the company intends to exp.../images/up/News/201782903418509.jpg
Kanomax Releases Hand-held Particle Counters
On July 7, Kanomax released two new handheld particle counter models. As a manufacturer specializing in precision measurement instruments for fluid and particles, the company has developed new reasonably priced products that feature high quality and leading- edge functions, and can be used safely. .../images/up/News/2017829004164303.jpg
Daikin Extends Shiga Plant’s K now-how to Overseas Bases
On July 7, Daikin conducted a study tour of its Shiga Plant. This was the 14th such event, and it attracted about 15 participants. First of all, Toshiyuki Iida, deputy general manager of Shiga Plant, gave an overview of the Shiga Plant. Then Hitoshi Jinno, executive officer, general manager of.../images/up/News/201782823582813571.jpg
Hitachi Develops Air-cooled Refrigeration Unit for Nuclear Power Plant
Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy (Hitachi-GE) and Hitachi Plant Construction have developed an air- cooled refrigeration unit for the air conditioning facility used in a machine room for important items and a room for electrical items in the nuclear power plant. This air-cooled refrigeration unit features .../images/up/News/201782823523158936.jpg
Panasonic to Release Xephy, a New PAC with R32
From October 2017, Panasonic Eco Solutions Company will be releasing Xephy, a new packaged air conditioner (PAC) adopting the new refrigerant R32 that excels in ecofriendly and energy saving performance, in all five series, with a total of 830 types. The new refrigerant R32 is adopted in all high.../images/up/News/201782823503174389.jpg
Panasonic Wins 11 Awards - the Greatest Number of Awards for the Seventh Year in a Row - at the 11th Kids Design Awards
Aug 25, 2017 Osaka, Japan - The 11th Kids Design Award (organized by the NPO Kids Design Association, with support from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Consumer Affairs Agency, and the Cabinet Office) was announced on August 21, 2017. Panasonic snapped up 11 awards, the highest numb.../images/up/News/20178281411973422.jpg
Kimura Kohki Participates in Demo Experiment at MC-Lab as an AC Manufacturer
On July 31, a press conference was held, in order to provide back-ground on the commencement of a meta- comfort experiment within the framework of the Keihanna Research-Complex (RC) Project at Meta-Comfort Laboratory (MC-Lab). Keihanna RC Project is an intercultural assimilation technology develo.../images/up/News/20178261334032606.jpg
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